'Jazz Bar'

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Minji was just doing what she loved, what she didn't know was that her whole world will change one night as a mysterious, attractive stranger enters her bar. It's safe to say, she enjoys all the attention the said stranger gives her.


(potential one-shot)


Okay, okay before anyone wants to kill me... I just recently got REALLY into Dreamcatcher (I knew them since Chase Me but never really got into them except listening to their title tracks from time to time). It's been a few days and I'm trying to watch as many videos about them as I can (tho it's mostly gay and/or crazy moments lol). Also... I FREAKING LOVE JIYOO as you can clearly see aaaaand I ship Suayeon as well tho for the three remaining members I can't quite decide. 

Now, I have no idea when I'll actually write this since I legit have if not 5 other stories I didn't even start so I can't promise anything. Also, I wanna say that I still don't fully know their personalities except that Bora is all over the place in every way possible lol and that yes, ofc, this story will basically be their song in a Jiyoo story version.

If you know some good Jiyoo stories that are preferably finished (those ones that are being regularly updated as well) please do recommend them and please help me learn more about Dreamcatcher as fast as I can.


I will delete this whole foreword as soon as I'm close to updating this one shot.


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Hii, I just came across and I found your story, the plot is interesting fr and I'm really excited for read it, hopefully youll updated this story ><
Chapter 2: I just came across this and it looks really interesting, i would love to read it so hopefully you'll be able to write it <3
this seems interesting!! can't wait to read the story tho(≧▽≦)
Hahaha watch every Dreamcatcher videos on youtube. The most of them are dorky and funny and also sometimes gay but very entertaining too. There are their vlogs on their official yt account too where you will get to know about their personalities a lot better too. They have a lot of content to catch up on as it was the same for me too but I started to really get into them since piri. Now I cant seem to get enough of them :'p
Yes I loved 'misconceptions' too as mentioned underneath. 'Why me!?' and 'nightmare' are great too although still continuing also it's about supernatural beings like werewolves and vampires, both have SuaYeon and JiYoo in it. Also there is 'the journal' I didn't get to finish yet but its recently been completed and storyline is great too. There are a lot of good contents and I usually search on aff through their 'jiyoo' or on ao3 the Kim minji| jiu/Kim yoohyeon tag to get updated on specific fics ;'p
On ao3 there is a 2 shot 'cherry!', 'the perfect five' 1 shot. On aff and ao3 'I'll search the universe (to find you again)' , 'Who's the Real Idiot?', 'alternate universe', 'Polaris', also 'Baby You And I' I loved very much. Too much fics that are great but how to list them all >o<
hiii~ i'm really interested in your story and i'm happy that you're an insomnia now! i honestly love jiyoo SO MUCH, they've been my ult ship since the very beginning and they still are. about jiyoo stories, i love them all, but here are some of my most favorite: misconceptions; I'm melting away gently, I'm falling ..; i have no name (but will you call me?) (this one is still updating. i guess it's a slowburn but oof it's so good + it has suayeon and dadong as well) anyway, i'm looking forward to your works~ do you have a Twitter account?