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Coincidentally In Love
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“Gather up everyone!” Miss Bae’s voice echoes through the auditorium


Jeongyeon nervously stands between the Drama teacher and Jihyo who was the sole reason she’s standing here nerve eating her up as pairs of eyes found hers


“So everyone is aware of the plan of performing an original play right?” Miss Bae paused earning a few nods from the theatre club “concerning the script everything is done and maybe just a few edits here and there but there’s still the problem of original songs and compositions” a look of concern washed over the members “hence why I’ve called you in these meaning meeting” Miss Bae held her hand out for Jeongyeon to take urging her to step forward “this is Jeongyeon-shi, she our solution for that problem”


Jeongyeon faced the crowd letting out a breath she never knew she was holding “hel-llo,” Jeongyeon cleared trying not to stutter “I’m Yoo Jeongyeon, I’m a music major specifically song writing, and Miss Bae reached out to me to help out, though I’m not a pro at this I hope I could be of any help” Jeongyeon bowed, the members a little unsure about the idea


“Well, what’s a more promising play than a play contributed by the students” Nayeon cut in “regardless of prestige and experience, anyone with the passion and heart can produce a masterpiece with that thought in mind I think Jeongyeon -shi here is far perfect for that role, I for one give my full faith in her” Nayeon flashed a smile towards the said girl earning a thankful one in return


“And if I may add” Jihyo cleared “I’ve seen her work and for what it’s worth I believe you guys are in good hands”


“Agreed” Miss Bae smiled “so that’s all hope we all get along and work together to make this play grand” with that the crowd dispersed heading to their own work and business leaving the three girls


“So that went well” Jihyo said trying to ease the tension


“Well, I didn’t expect them to warm up immediately and to trust the faith of the play on a student, but other than that It could have been worse” Jeongyeon sighed “Thanks though” Jeongyeon faced Nayeon “You kinda eased by fall there”


“Like I’ve said before, if you have a passion for it, it doesn't matter what they think just do you in the best way you can, and if your confidence falters, just fake it til you make it” Nayeon grinned confusing Jeongyeon


“I still kinda don’t get the whole ‘fake it til you make it’ thing”


“Well that’s Nayeon for you, gives advice that you may not understand, but a good advice if you just dig a little deeper” Jihyo exclaimed


“And as the princess and the frog song goes, you gotta dig a little deeper~” Nayeon sang as she walked away from the pair


“Wait,” Nayeon stop to face the tall girl “I’m kinda having a party tonight, congratulations for having this gig, anyways if you’re up to it, as a thank you, would you like to come?” Jeongyeon asked


Nayeon broke into a laugh confusing yet again the other girl, “Sorry , it's just you said ‘can you come’,” 


Jeongyeon looked at the now laughing girl in front of her, perplexed, is this the same girl she was embarrassingly crushing on? “Wha-”

“Sorry sorry,” Nayeon wiped her tears a giggle escaping “I’d love to”


“Sureee, guess I’ll text you the address”


“Sure, see you then” Nayeon said before leaving


“Guess she’s coming” Jihyo said with a straight face


Jeongyeon faced Jihyo before bursting into laughter


“Oh god, you’re perfect for each other” Jihyo sighed leaving the still cackling girl behind



“Okay es! Operation find the perfect outfit to wow our targets comence!” Momo exclaimed standing before Sana’s closet because as mentioned by Momo beforehand the proper etiquette before every party is to raid your roommate's closet for some bombshell getup for the party


Sana sighed “So what do you have in mind?”

“Something that’s a little classy yet ty, poised yet naughty, a strong independent respected woman yet, bangable” Momo explained while digging through Sana’s clothes “Like something that’s make them fall head over heels for you then afterwards fall on top of you” Momo grabbed a short black dress that seemingly fits the body and accentuate the important parts “something like this”


“Well with the introduction behind that dress, I believe that you should wear that” Sana giggled


“Well, I do like what it stands for” Momo examined the dress “alright, it goes to the ‘maybe’ pile” the dress is then discarded into the mountain of the ‘maybe’ pile of clothes


“Come on Mo, we’ve been outfit hunting for 2 hours just choose already” Sana whined


“There there my dear Sana, this is the struggles we must conquer to master the art of seduction”


“Can you master it with your own wardrobe and not mine?” Sana pouted


“There, there sattang” Momo cuddled the girl “So much to learn” Just then the door opened


“You two are still not ready?” Jeongyeon glared “the party is in 2 hours and the place isn’t even ready yet so are you guys, and why is your room a mess Sana?” Jeongyeon faced Sana shooting daggers through the brunette’s soul


“It’s Momo’s fault” Sana pointed an accusing finger at Momo


“Hey, let’s not point fingers here” Momo stood up defensively


“Just get ready you two, my head hurts from this conversation, just clean this mess up” Jeongyeon slammed the door “And hurry up will ya!”


“Okay, so the black dress?” Momo asked


“Yup” Sana agreed


The two proceeded to clean up the room before they get caught by the ash haired again or they’ll never see the light of day again



The girl ran a hand through her hair, giving her outfit one last look


“Hey dubs! Hurry up”


Dahyun sighed this will have to do besides when has she ever been nervous on what she looked like, it’s not like she can look bad, not to blow the horn there but there are far too many accounts claiming Dahyun as one fine . So why become nervous now?


“Dahyun?” Chaeyoung called again




“Oof, that’s what she said” Chaeyoung laughed “Just hurry will ya, what took yo-” Chaeyoung stop herself to look at the girl before her “someone’s gonna get laid tonight, way to bring your A game”


“Is this fine?” Dahyun looked at her outfit, a white button down blouse messily tucked in denim pants paired with some old skool and top off with a brown leather jacket, unsure


“Damn dubs, you hot” Chaeyoung put up her hand for a  brofist which Dahyun gladly except


“Kinda needed that confidence boost, thanks” Dahyun smiled


“When have you ever needed a confident boost?” Chaeyoung asked as she walks away, leaving Dahyun deep in thought,shrugging Dahyun followed after Chae, maybe it’s just one of those days.


“Remind me though Chae” Dahyun paused said girl stopping before her “Why are you dressed?”


“We’ve taken the privilege to invite ourselves” Tzuyu added coming up behind Dahyun “As I quote Chaeyoung here ‘where the party is, the strawberry princess go’.”


“That’s right!” Chaeyoung stood proudly “So onward my hot piece of girlfriend and bestfriend, tonight we conquered this party as will we conquer its hangover”


“Guess you’re on duty tonight” Dahyun whispered to Tzuyu


“I know” Tzuyu sighed “Help?”


“I got you” Dahyun placed a comforting hand on Tzuyu



The room pulsed in beat with the music, bodies moving together, some dancing, talking, eating, and one lone figure stands anxious waiting by the door, just then a knock was heard, the girl waited taking calm breaths



maybe it’s not even her yet,



Jeongyeon open the door revealing a bunny toothed girl flashing a smile “Hey, you” Nayeon greeted


“Hey, glad you could make it” Jeongyeon welcomed trying to sound calm while her heart stammered cause gosh Nayeon looks so stunning


“Wouldn't miss it for the world” Nayeon winked, Jeongyeon heart fluttered but she won’t let the older girl know that


“Well, the party is here suit yourself, drink

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