The Colors of Love

Coincidentally In Love
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“Aside from the triangular theory of love, another theory of psychology that explains the phenomenon, that is love, is the Color Wheel Model of Love” Dr. Kim started. “And yes it may sound like an elementary student’s game on who has a crush on who, but this! Is much much more profound than that.The Color Wheel Model of Love, or the color theory as I like to call it, cause let’s face it the other one is just too long so say, was first coined by the psychologist john lee in 1973 on his book the colors of love. He compared the kinds of love to those of the primary colors of the color wheel which can be combined to form the secondary colors ergo the secondary kind of love” Dr. Kim directed her attention to the board


“So the primary styles of love, is Eros, Ludos, and Storge;

Eros, a term that stems from the greek word meaning “passionate” or “”


“Ohh sounds like your lovelife dubs”


“Ohh you would know huh” Dahyun smirk at the girl beside her eliciting a giggle from the japanese beauty on her other side


“I still can’t believe you guys hooked up” Mina grinned “I expected more from you Sinb”


“Hey-” Both girls rebut died in their throats when they heard a distinctive cough


“Anyways,” Dr. Kim exclaimed loudly “Back to the lecture”


“And I was drunk” Sinb whispered


“O come on, by the time we were done you were probably completely sober” Dahyun whispered back


“From puking my guts out”


“Well, that is true”


“Next,” the girls directed their attention to the board as Dr. Kim's voice rang through the lecture hall


“Ludos, a term that stems from the greek word meaning “game”.”


“Well-” Sinb started


“Shut it” Dahyun barked bark


“This type of love is playful and fun but never serious” Dr. Kim continued


“And lastly, Storge, a greek term meaning ‘natural affection’ a form of love you get from a friend or a family, a form of familial love, simply platonic, and then the combinations that forms the secondary styles”


“This will probably be a long lecture” Mina whispered


“Don’t worry, I gotchu” Dahyun reached towards her bag and grab a handful of snacks


“I guess sleeping with you had some perks, like gaining a great friend who wholeheartedly share her food” Sinb exclaimed


“Sure, friend” Dahyun raised her eyebrows “help yourself”


“You’re the best Dubs, you know aside from the escapades-”


“You want the food or not?”


“Just an angel sent from above” Sinb finished enthusiastically


“Still can’t believe you slept with each other” Mina added


Stacks on stacks of paper found itself under the strutenating glare of none other than Park Jihyo,


“Do they never run out or something?!” Jihyo shouted in frustration


“Calm down Ji, the sooner we go through them the faster we finish” Yeri, for some unknown reason as Joy claimed became the vice president, consoled


“Honestly, If you’d help a lot sooner we would be done” Jihyo sigh


“Hey, they had mean girls on I wasn't gonna miss it”


“Why were you voted vice president again?”


“I don’t know, I knew I was popular I didn’t know I was that popular” Yeri shrugged “besides, aside from my occasional need to watch Western dramatic comedies I can be a big help” Yeri smiled proudly


“Yeah, and I could’ve used that ‘big help” half an hour ago” Jihyo glared


“Right, right” Yeri flusteredly walk towards the stack of papers “I’m on it! I’m on it!”


“Remind me to never cross you” Jeongyeon startled Jihyo


“Hey, what are you doing here?” Jihyo asked


“Kinda needed to talk to you, are you busy?”


Jihyo turned to see Yeri effortlessly going through the papers with full concentration


“I’m sure I can spare some time, what’s up?”


“Oh you see, someone kinda mentioned this composing thing for a play-”


“Oh Nabongs told you about that? I kinda mentioned it to her I never thought she’ll actually confront you about it” Jihyo explained


“Nah it’s okay, But I wanted to ask about that, are they still looking for a-” Jeongyeon cleared , the nerves are starting to build up “for a composer that is?”


Jihyo smiled “Yes of course, I’ll help with the papers and all, and talk to Miss Bae, oh and we can start with the preparation” Jihyo stopped “That is if you are willing to do it?”


“Yeah- yeah” Jeongyeon replied a bit taken aback by Jihyo’s excitement


“Okay that’s good, so I’ll assume I’ll just talk to you all about this later?” Jihyo asked


“Yeah sure, drop by the Cafe, I’ll just be you know, working there” Jeongyeon “And besides, your roommate Mina is most probably be there with that Dahyun, surprisingly they hang out there a lot”


“Wait how did you know?” Jihyo questioned


“Oh I kinda assumed after seeing you at the cafe with her” Jeongyeon replied


“And you knew Mina how?”


“Oh she kinda flirted with my roommate and kind of got the name from that” Jeongyeon exclaimed


“Wait, mina flirting? Really?” Jihyo felt her heart sink a little


“Yeah, my roommate is kinda crushing on her so it’s kinda funny seeing her making a fool of herself” Jeongyeon edge on quite oblivious “anyways I guess I’ll see later then”


“Yeah, see you” Jihyo forced a smile


Jihyo sat on the couch head on her hands “oh God…”


“Ji!” Yeri called out from the other side


“What? Yeri, what?” Jihyo sigh feeling suddenly tired


“You see I didn't want to interrupt you, But what am I supposed to do with these papers?”


“Oh for ’s sake”



“Chaeyoung will you stop coloring the page” Dahyun shouted in frustration


“Look, if it’s called the ‘Color Wheel Model of Love’ then it should in fact have colors” Chaeyoung argued


“Well then use one color for each not a ing rainbow”


“Hey, it won’t hurt to have a little pride”


“You’re coloring my research paper” Dahyun deadpanned


“With Pride” Chaeyoung stated proudly


“So how long have you been together again?’ Mina asked the girl beside her


“5 years actually” Tzuyu answered




“I know” Tzuyu added “Sometimes I even surprise myself”


“Okay okay that’s it” Dahyun cutted in “Just use the primary colors for god’s sake, Eros : Red, Ludos : Blue and Storge : Yellow”


“Oh like the primary kinds,you should’ve thought about that sooner dubs, I’ve wasted good quality crayons” Chaeyoung pointed out while proceeding to draw a new Color Wheel



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