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you & me, secretly
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It wasn't the first time Junmyeon was running discretely in hiis girlfriend's apartment with boxes of pizza in hand and a box of chicken feet on the other. It wasn't the first time either that he had dragged Sehun along with him. Not forcibly though, because Sehun was more than happy to oblige.

But the first time he heard that Apink was doing a girl crush concept, his mind immediately went blank. Mainly because he couldn't affor any more men, ny more idols rather, swooning over his woman because hell, he knew how hot his grifriend could be. Second, she didn't even tell him! The next time, he overhead staffs both their groups had in common speaking to each other that Apink were already filming the music video , he found himself fumbling through his phone, looking for a free day so he can meet his woman. Just to remind her not to get too worked up over the concept... Or get too pretty... Or just to simply remind her she was his. Just his.

Because good God, this concept was driving the anxious out of him.

"Did you bring all the drinks?" Suho asks, his head hangng low as he directs his gaze to the ground, watching his footsteps because the last thing they needed now was tripping over the food he carried and make a big fuss.

"I did. Geez Hyung, chill" Sehun snaps, doing the exact same thing Suho does. He wouldn't admit it but he was just as nervous and frantic as Suho was.

Suho managed to call a few hours ago just to make sure the girls were home and it was fine to come over. He halts his steps at the view of the familiar apartment door and looks sideways before pressing the door bell.

"Who is it?" He hears a high pitched voice, probably Bomi

"Open the door dummy! Who else could it be?" Chorong's voice this time aand Suho doesn't notice the smile that had crept on his face upon hearing the melody of her voice

"Hello! Welco-" Bomis opens the door dressed in an overly large shirt and pink sweats & she was clearly just in the middle of taking her make up off.

She paused, her blank face stretching into wide smile as she comically cups "That's a lot of food!" She chirps, giggling like a mad woman as she steps aside aside giving way for the boys to enter. She takes the chicken feet and Hayoung takes the pizza from their hands, uttering sweet thank you's as the they all head to the living room to set the food up.

You wouldn't normally see girls who were this happy just by receiving food. Which was why Suho always enjoyed the idea of coming over with food in his hands.

Hayong was sleeping ver tonight at Chorong and Bomi's place for the sole reason that Sehun was coming with Suho for their little congratulatory celebration for their upcoming comeback. 

Chorong was leaning by the sofa withe her arms propped against her stomach when Suho had finished taking his sh

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