oh, maknaes

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Hayoung, finds herself in Sehun's loving embrace, once again-privately.

A sequel to An Idol's Secret Crush, focusing on Sehun & Hayoung's love story as they meet up for yet another, private date.


"Oppa" She asks Sehun, curiousity evident in her eyes "Why me?"

"Because you're Oh Hayoung" He cups her cheeks in the palm of his hand

Hi guys! I think I'm on fire right now, after recently completng my most succesful fanfic and posting a new story, here I am again with yet another exopink fanfiction, this time, featuring the beloved maknaes! I made this because a firend requested, I hope it doesn't disappoint as I really brainstormed to make a good story. Please support and love my story fellow exopink shippers! Thank you!!!

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