don't cry

you & me, secretly
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“Don’t cry”

She hated it when she heard those words,.

Because far opposite from how they were intended to mean, it made her cry all the more. She hated it more when he was the one who told her that, because it hurt more. It made her feel embarrassed and petty and it frustrated her.

And yet here she was crying, he was not saying a word, he was not telling her to stop. And it frustrated her even more.

He had managed to say it to her then, back when they won while promoting their comeback song, when she was about to give out her speech, and he had managed to tell her not to cry. It earned sheepish grins from the girls, of which they could not hide. And it felt great. The feeling that he had managed to comfort her even when hundreds of people were around. It felt great to have him do so.

Despite the fact that it sparked a little attention from those who noticed.

Chorong was hiding below her pink sheets. She felt ugly. Her hair was all over the place, her face was breaking out because of the make up she couldn’t take off because she was far too stressed to even think about doing that and her goddamn mouth just won’t stop whaling.

“I’m not crying!”

Fighting and arguing in relationships are normal. They’d fight and hurt each other. But they both knew too well that that wasn’t true. Not that she doubted him or whatever. Not that she didn’t trust him enough, but she was getting tired of it.

The feeling of being the girlfriend but not being given the chance to show it. And feeling that way was stupid. And irritating and just downright frustrating.

“So what if I’m being paired with other girls?” Suho wasn’t a jealous man.

Of course he wasn’t. It didn’t matter that Chorong constantly spoke of her ever-so-unbreakable friendship with Changsub, and how he had managed to ask her to be her girlfriend. It was scripted of course, all for laughs, nope it didn’t matter at all. He also never got jealous when other idols would profess their stupid liking or admirati

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