you & me, secretly

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When out of the spotlight, when no longer in sight of the eyes of millions, Park Chorong and Kim Junmyeon find themselves talking in dressing rooms, cuddling in empty studios, hiding in private places and finding solace in the soothing comfort of each others' embrace.


Just the two of them, dating secretly.


Exo's Suho & Apink's Chorong



"I'll protect you. In my own subtle ways, I will."

I'm back shorties! After nearly 3 years of being on hiatus, I'm finally back with another surong fanfic! I guess you could say this is a sequel of my previous idol life story of surong, An Idol's Secret Crush which is currently being revamped. People are saying this ship is dying, but I couldn't help but disagree though? I think the two are just really good at hiding it. But that's my opinion. Anyway, let me take you down to memory lane as we recall exopink moments in the eyes of Suho and Chorong as we unfold their lives as idols, who are secretly dating.

This fanfic will include drabbles and short chappies of Surong moments in no particular time order. I really hope you enjoy! And for those of you Shorties out there, who think this ship is dying, it's not. Let us continue to make it live forever, even if it lives only in our hearts. And although new moments seize to exist, I shall make my imagination run wild and tackle their moments, off-cam than rather than in the limelight. Enjoy guys!

i need more moments huhu feed my heart pls exopink ;-;
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