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you & me, secretly
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“Chorong-ah, we’re here” Chorong opened her eyes, squinting them profusely as she tried to process what was happening—she was still half asleep and her eyes were unwilling to wake up from the small amount of rest that she was having for the past 30 minutes.

“What? Where are we?” Chorong rubs her tired eyes, blinking several times as she looks around and recognizes a familiar parking lot.

“What are you talking about, pabo? I thought you were here to see him?”

And only then had she been able to recall the reason as to why she had immediately jumped out of her bed, taken a shower, got into her favorite sweats and sprayed on her designer perfume an hour ago despite the fatigue her body was screaming to get aid for

“Oh right” she immediately sits up from her seat, fixes her hair and grabs her bag as she exits their van “Thanks Oppa!” she grins, waving goodbye to her manager who had gotten out of his way to pick her up and send her here albeit his constant nagging and scolding about her being too love-sick.

He drives off and Chorong enters the building.

After carefully getting in the elevator, acting as if she was a prisoner on the run, she looks around slowly, making sure she would leave no traces nor would attract any sort of attention, and she quietly presses on the 9th floor button as her grip tightens around the string of her sling bag.


4 months. It’s been exactly 4 months 2 weeks and 3 days since they last saw each other and as she involuntarily tapped her feet on the ground in an eager manner, she couldn’t help but grin to herself.

Ah, it feels like I’m going on a first date. She chuckles at her silliness and before she even notices she was already on the ninth floor.

Making her way down the hall, Chorong stops when she sees 328 on the door. Inhaling, she bends down to input the password they had so smartly thought of and as soon as the door was ready to open, she enters.


She had been here a week before, stacking up the fridge with food & groceries as soon as she had received his text. I’m coming home baby. 

The atmosphere was certainly different. Far from the feeling of entering and knowing she would be welcomed with nothing but emptiness and the lonesome atmosphere of being alone. Chorong fel

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