stolen glances

you & me, secretly
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“Please Suho!”

“Keep your voice down” He mumbles

“I will if you control your eyes and keep them elsewhere!”

Suho stares at the frustrated Chorong and he himself is in frustration. He lets out a defeated sigh and Chorong leans on the wall behind her, fighting the tears threatening to fall so as to avoid her make-up from smudging. The last thing she needed right now was for everyone to stare at her crying with a ed up mascara because the one shewas wearing rght nowwas definitely not waterproof.

"Park Chorong, do you even hear yourself?" Suho turns his back on her as he reaches up to run his fingers through his hair, stopping midway when he realizes it's been waxed and considers the hours his stylists spent to perfect it. He lets out a frustrated grown.

I can't ing stare at my own girlfriend and now I can't even run my fingers through my own damn hair.

Normal girlfriends would fight with their boyfriends if they looked at another girl. A normal couple would get jealous if they would catch the other, staring at someone else.

But she wasn’t a normal girlfriend. They weren’t a normal couple. And her boyfriend never looked at anyone else, but her.

Chorong had slumped down on the sofa in an empty, dimly-lit studio, hiding her face in between her palms as she inwardly hates herself for what she just did. Here they were, arguing, simply because Suho had managed to make eye-contact with her in public and gave her a smile he didn’t give the others. Of course it was subtle and only if you were paying close attention would you be able to see it. It was a split second smile but it  had drawn the attention of a majority of those watching Suho intently in the awarding event and when she had made her way back stage she had overheard a fan call out to her “Suho Oppa was looking at you! Why!!”

She wasn’t supposed to get mad, in fact she was supposed to get flustered or feel all tingly inside because out of all the gorgeous women in his world, Kim Junmyeon, her boyfriend, only had eyes for her.

And yet she was anything but flustered, in fact she had just thrown a fit at him a while ago for looking at her, for smiling at her.

How pathetic can you get, Par

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