My (Not) Secret Boyfriend [DISCONTINUED]

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Life is extremely tough and rather problematic when you get to date a famous chaebol, who also happens to be a renowned playboy and a super young genius. Howevr, life gets even tougher when all YOU have to offer is the fact that you are just a mere student who can cook a minute ramen in 59 seconds. Welcome to Seungri's world.


I needed a Chaebol & University AU. I JUST NEED IIIIT. Inspired by my short, semi-connected short stories in Collection of Nyongtory Short Stories Part 2.


Ann, you save my life as always. Thanks for the fantastic poster ❤️


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Chapter 9: please update 😭
Chapter 9:  you really leaving this story? Update this story please🥵😭😭😭
Chapter 9: are you really leaving this story? Don't we have to wait? I hope to write back
Misammisa #4
Chapter 9: Ya!! Authornim im still courious about how will this continue :((((( so much curious, why did you discontinue? :(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
Chapter 9: Update this story please :(
Hannafy #6
Chapter 9: Waaaaaa im curious what happen next ?
tomginger #7
Chapter 9: I love this story. Please continue the story.
LoveHealsTheBroken #8
Chapter 9: I'm in love with another of your stories yet again!??amazing job
Chapter 9: I love it so much
Please continue please
Thank you
Chapter 5: They are just so cute
Kwon Jiyong, you're so damn sweet