Seulgi chooses wealth and power over Joohyun, leading everyone into thinking she had become a heartless and selfish person because the truth behind her actions were unknown. Sacrifices were required for one to succeed, but what Seulgi sacrificed may have been much more valuable than anything money could buy in the world.


(never thought i would actually post something here, but ultimately decided to give it a shot, hope everything goes well haha)

there will be quite a few skips between past and present as there are things that can't be fully revealed so easily (thats not fun haha) so you have to piece together the events of the past yourself~ 

pre-warning: this contains a fair amount of angst 

just remember: 
paragraphs in italics = scenes that took place in the past 
paragraphs in normal text = present day scenes


hope you enjoy reading this! x

got featured :O thank you so much to everyone for reading and for supporting this fic <3 love you
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