Chapter 7

Love you secretly
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No one POV

“WHAT!!!” a shout that comes from an office. All the workers were shocked by that shout. They never heard that kind of shout coming from that office. Even the secretary cannot believe the office owner can shout like that.


“I’m sorry Mr. President, I didn't do my job properly,” the bodyguard said. President Bae kicks that bodyguard. Yes, he is Bae Seung Chan. Father of Irene Bae. The owner of B Holding and secretly the biggest mafia in Korea. 


“If you do your job properly, this thing will never happen.” “I’m sorry, Mr. President” the bodyguard bow to President Bae. “I don’t want to hear any sorry from you anymore. Now go and find the background of that guy and bring him to me, you got it?!”. The bodyguard gulp and nodded to the command. "What you waiting for more? GO! Bring him to me!” “A-ah, y-yeah Mr.President” the bodyguard rushing get out from the office.


“Who is the one dared to touch my princess?”


A few days later…

At the collage


Seulgi POV

It’s been a week after that accident. I had tried to forget about it but the memory about that night will suddenly come when I'm on my daydreaming. The image of that night comes into my mind. Her lips, her touch, her body.


“Hey, are you okay?” Joy nudges me and makes me awake from my daydream. “Oh, no. Nothing, I’m fine. I just keep thinking about Seungwan. How he was in Canada? Just that, nothing to worry” I said as I smiling at Joy.


“If you have a problem, would you mind sharing with me, okay. I would love to help you.” Joy said.


I just nod. “Alright, don't worry. Joy, I gotta go now. My class almost start. Bye.” I bid goodbye to her. And walk to my class.



After Seulgi disappears from my sight. My mind starts remembering what happened that night. The unexpected accident.


“It should be me by your side that night, not that . Ughhh. Why am I so stupid? I shouldn't continue to drink that night, if not because of that you're mine now”.


Flashback at the party night

“Hey, Joy.” Suho oppa approached me. Yes, Suho is my brother but not my biological brother. We have the same dad but different mom. “Hey.oppa.” I greet him. We both agree to keep this secret because I think it would better for people not to know me as Suho's sister or else people will be terrified with me.


“Oppa, tonight Seulgi will come right?” he just humming “Please don’t do anything on him tonight, okay?” “Alright, my dearest sister Joy. I will not touch him if that was your wish. You know how much I adore you right?” he said as he touches my hair.


I saw Seulgi come from the main entrance. He looks so handsome without those glasses and that outfit makes him so hot because it fit with his body nicely. I went to approach him.


“Hey, handsome." I greet him. "See this is why I told you not to wear those glasses. You look so handsome without it and those outfits match you well” I said while touching his chest. Surprisingly, his chest is so firm. Never expect he would have that. “Thank you. What makes you less than me? You look incredibly pretty tho.” his complement making me blush.


“Seul, you go find a seat and I will bring you the drinks” “Oh, okay. I will find the seat near the pool.”


I leave him to find a seat for both of us.


As I on my way to take the drinks, I saw Suho on his way to approached Seulgi. I frowned with his action. I had told him not to disturb Seulgi. But why he went to Seulgi!


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Chapter 27: Don't give up. It's a good story!
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