Chapter 2

Love you secretly
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Irene POV

Personally, mornings are the worst. Because I have classes to attend. College isn't something I like. Everything about college life is really irritating to me. Honestly, I can't put my finger on why I dislike it so much. I dazedly get out of bed, shower, and get dressed for class. Until a guy from another school came to our school to view me, I was told I was too attractive. Because of my stunning good looks, I was the object of envy of all the other girls.

Once I was dressed and ready to dine, I headed down to the dining room. I greeted my dad with a peck on the cheek and good morning before taking a seat. As I sat down to finish my breakfast, my father remarked, "My honey, here is an invitation to attend Suho's birthday celebration." I really despise him. Whenever I turn around, it seems like he's hitting on me. I asked my father, "Do I have to come to his party, papa?" "Yes, my love, this is for our business with KIM firm," said Papa. With a wry smile, Papa said, "But I will stop asking you to see him if you bring me a son-in-law." I didn't like what my father said about marriage, mainly because I believed I was too pretty and young to get married.

With an annoyed feeling, I said goodbye to Papa. Before that, I had completely forgotten that my grandfather was a member of the Korean mafia. Among Korea's organised crime families, we're among the most feared and respected. This means that I will always have a bodyguard with me. Even when I drive my car to college, they will follow me.


At the collage

By the grace of God, the bodyguard didn't accompany me to class; otherwise, I would have felt uneasy every time. There was once a moment when it followed me even into the restroom. Alright, let's ignore it.

I arrived at the college 10 minutes before my class started, how fast did I drive my car?. The young men swarm me when I get out of my car. Several people have tried to give me flowers or express their emotions. Still, I just ignored them and continued on my way to visit my friend Jennie.


Why are you late?" Jennie questioned. They're the ones who made me late, I added, pointing at the guys. Asking, "Jennie, have you received an invitation to Suho's birthday?" "All right, I get it. My dad told me he invited me, "exclaimed Jennie. "Oh my god, I really despise him. After my repeated declines, he still has the nerve to invite me. Thank God we are not attending t

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Xa1jie1 #1
Chapter 27: Update plssssssss arthor.👏 THANKS
Chapter 27: I really need an update on this story but I would love it to be rewritten in its original language as some parts get a little confused
Chapter 27: Good story
Chapter 27: It's a really good story! Please don't give up on it.
forgotme #5
Chapter 27: take your time... we'll wait
Chapter 27: Don't give up. It's a good story!
Atiyejavid #7
Chapter 26: Its okay .you can do it .take your time .
Chapter 26: thank you author, take your time!!!
Chapter 26: You can do it authornim!! We'll wait for your updates ☺️
Chapter 26: It's okay author-nim <3 I'll wait with respect! :D