Chapter 3

Love you secretly
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At the shopping mall


Seulgi POV

When class is over, Joy takes me to the mall and has me go into every store. She had me hold every dress in the dressing room while she tried them on. The darkness of the dressing rooms made it so that I nearly stumbled over my feet. Joy tried on every outfit, and I cannot argue that she is beautiful in every one of them. She can't stop wondering if this dress will fit her.


We (finally) got all of our shopping done. Our trip to the mall was so long, and I had to carry so many things by myself that my legs and arms felt like they would fall off. As I strolled next to Joy, I heaved a heavy sigh. Perhaps she heard me groan and will give me a break. And thank God, she does listen to it. Without warning, she grabs my hand and forces me to follow her to the cafe.


Joy asked me, "Do you want a drink?" I nodded like a confused child as we put "our" belongings away. I can feel Joy laughing at me as I take this step. What do you want, exactly? "Could I get an iced Americano, thanks?" Looking at Joy, all puppy-like, I uttered. Another painful touch to the face and an "Aigoo, my cutie bear" later, and I'm in tears.


Eventually, Joy returned with our refreshments and snacks.


"Yeah!" Some customers were watching us, and I felt ashamed that I had yelled like a child. Also, Joy mocks me whenever I speak. "You're such a child, Seul."


As we munch, we strike up a conversation about anything that comes to mind. When we sat down to eat, I got a distinct impression that we were being watched. The more I turned around, the less I could see behind me. Nothing strange, just a random customer.


Joy gave me a strange look. She asked, "Why Seul?" "Nothing," I said to her with a grin on my face.


"After this, please follow me, okay?" Joy asked, "Again?" My expression was one of disbelief when I uttered those words. Joy shook her head and continued, "This time, I'd like to buy you something as a thank you for joining me today. I felt awful about letting you have my item." Putting on a big grin, I asked, "Really?" and Joy confirmed my excitement.


Irene POV

Thankfully, we have an early dismissal from class, giving us plenty of time to spend around the mall. I asked Jennie to use my car and leave hers at the college. We eventually arrived.


Shortly after our arrival, we headed inside the shop to try on outfits. Each time we try on a new outfit, we check in with each other to see whether we like how we appear.


We've been out shopping for quite some time and have worked up an appetite. "How about this cafe?" Jennie asks, "All right, let's get

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Xa1jie1 #1
Chapter 27: Update plssssssss arthor.👏 THANKS
Chapter 27: I really need an update on this story but I would love it to be rewritten in its original language as some parts get a little confused
Chapter 27: Good story
Chapter 27: It's a really good story! Please don't give up on it.
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Chapter 27: take your time... we'll wait
Chapter 27: Don't give up. It's a good story!
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Chapter 26: Its okay .you can do it .take your time .
Chapter 26: thank you author, take your time!!!
Chapter 26: You can do it authornim!! We'll wait for your updates ☺️
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