Chapter 10

Love you secretly
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Next Day


At College

Seulgi POV

“JOY! JOY!” I chase her as soon as I saw her. I have been chasing her for the whole day because every time I saw her, she will avoid me. This time I will not let her go.


“Joy, w-wait.” I grab her by the wrist, and she looks at me. “What?” she said coldly. “We have to talk.” “What to talk? There’s nothing to talk.” She said. “If there is nothing to talk about, why you are avoiding me?” I ask her. She didn’t answer me. “Now, let’s go.” I drag her to the rooftop.


“Now, talk,” She said. “I-i” “If you want to say sorry, I’m leaving.” “NO!” I said like I’m raising my voice and make her startled. 


“I-i know last night was a mistake and I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling but why now?” “What now?” She asks. “Why now you want to start the relationship?” I ask.


“I have kept this feeling since we first met during high school.” She said. I was shocked. I didn’t expect she has kept this feeling for so long. 


“At first, I thought I just have a crush on you but, as we grew up, my feeling towards you change. Your gentleness when talking to me and your innocents when you don’t know something makes me attach with you. When there’s a time that you accompany me back home to makes sure I’m safe, it makes me feel protected. And I like you as you not because of your appearance.” She said. “And you ask why now? I’m afraid if I said it, our friendship will be destroyed. But this time I want you to be mine. I don’t want to lose you, Seulgi.” She continues.


There’s a silence between us. I don’t even what to say. Why I always in trouble when I drunk? This is why people said less drinking, more thinking. All the problems that happened now because I decide without consciousness. 


“So Seulgi, can you give us a try?” She said. I look at her and I can see there’s an emotion in her eyes like begging me.


“I’m sorry, Joy. I don’t think I can accept your feeling. I have my reason why we can’t be in a relationship. Things now getting complicated and I don’t think I will be good for us to be in a relationship.” I said to her. “I want us to stick as a friend. It would be better for us.”

She didn’t say anything and the only thing I hear is sobbing from her.


“Whyyyyyy” She whined. “Why we can’t!!” I’m panic when I heard she whines. “Hey, hey. Joy. What people will be said if they saw this.” I said as I cover her, afraid there would be people that will see her like this. “it’s because of you! Bad person!” She

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Xa1jie1 #1
Chapter 27: Update plssssssss arthor.👏 THANKS
Chapter 27: I really need an update on this story but I would love it to be rewritten in its original language as some parts get a little confused
Chapter 27: Good story
Chapter 27: It's a really good story! Please don't give up on it.
forgotme #5
Chapter 27: take your time... we'll wait
Chapter 27: Don't give up. It's a good story!
Atiyejavid #7
Chapter 26: Its okay .you can do it .take your time .
Chapter 26: thank you author, take your time!!!
Chapter 26: You can do it authornim!! We'll wait for your updates ☺️
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