Pot Shot


She's good at potting, not so good at shots. She's good at shots, not so good at potting. 


Thanks goes to Jude, a friend, reader and patron, for nudging me into writing this.

Thanks for hanging out here in Pot Shot with me till the end! Lotsa LOVE AND HUGS TO YOU <3
I have a new story coming out soon, so I'll see you over in that new world :3

See you again soon~


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Keiko_ney #1
Chapter 31: They are so sweet more than a sugar...sweet love... tq author...
I always love your story...
mistymountains 55 streak #2
Nice story!
Two bixesual girls, it's not very nice to read. They are impure for man
ErickaM #4
Chapter 31: THANK YOU authornim
that was a great story hehehe i love it!
Chapter 31: omg still can't get over this story... is it already end? Tae is too nice here Tiffany too.. I love soft taeyeon xD
owheyjae_ #6
Chapter 30: Woah it end already? But you know author to be frank I loveeee your stories!!! Hope you write more in the future. Can I suggest sometging? Hope you make a new story that is fantasy like they are vampires, with powers, or action. With soosica and kryber oh we'll love that so muccch! Thanks for giving us a chance to read your stories. Author jjang!!! :D
131 streak #7
Chapter 30: nooooooOOOOOooo that ending was so fast!!! They gotta have babies and get married and their dogs need to meet and- not necessarily in that order but lolz
Anywayyyy thank you AK!!! Another awesome one from you, as always! ^^
Chapter 19: I don’t usually post on older chapters, but I can’t help it with this chapter! It was so sweet and smooth, like a perfect milkshake! It wasn’t cringeworthy, but there was so much cuteness I almost couldn’t handle it (in a good way though, haha). I really like the progress of this story. I can’t wait to read the rest!!!
131 streak #9
Chapter 28: oh wow I can’t believe tiff’s the more reluctant one between them!!!