Heaven Help a Fool Who Falls in Love


Kyungsoo panics when his ex-boyfriend moves next door. Chanyeol listens, and then he agrees.


Side Pairings (if any): broken! Baekhyun / D.O., Baekhyun / Sehun
Warnings: Language, drinking, parental death (in the past), broken relationship, ing
Summary: Kyungsoo panics when his ex-boyfriend moves next door. Chanyeol listens, and then he agrees.

Written for Exo Housewarming Fest Round 2017


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whattalife #1
Chapter 2: The story is great and ohh so hot. But I was stunned on the date August 2021 and here I was reading this story for the first time today August 10, 2021 :)) I thought the author just updated this story but no this was written in 2017 so wow I was just amazed hehe I'm a hardcore ChanSoo shipper so I always imagine some of the fanfics I read becomes a reality just like this one
Rb2012 #2
Chapter 2: So so so beautiful really enjoyed reading the story.
foyezza91 #3
Chapter 2: The first chapter was sad TT why chanyeol did that TT poor soo TT but I love the happy ending and of course the marriage and first night ><
melly-pop #4
Chapter 2: Now THIS is what I’m used to. Back in the comfort zone of and oral kinks. My heart is safe here. Great scene, of course. Thank you for sharing.
melly-pop #5
Chapter 1: FIRST OFF, I don’t know what possessed me to read a fic that’s over 5k words and doesn’t contain any amount of penetration. That’s just unheard of for me. SECOND OFF, I’m suing you for emotional trauma. When Chan said he was moving out, I felt like I was getting broken up with. Tears in my eyes, heart falling to my stomach, and everything. If I stopped reading any where before the end, it would’ve ruined my day. The happy ending wasn’t only satisfying, it was necessary for me to continue my day. Thank you for sharing.
Chapter 2: This is perfect..OMG they are perfect..so happy for them
Chapter 2: OMG I'm smiling crazy right now! That was sooo good!!! You deserve an award! I cried, I laughed, I loved every bit of it!!!! Lol the innocent left and now they gods lol very well written and thank you for writing this masterpiece XD