Undercover: A Love Story


Do Kyungsoo, mild-mannered detective, is given an offer he can't refuse, leading to an assignment as an undercover officer. Enter Park Chanyeol, AKA The Phoenix, a known gang associate with a very peculiar personality. Chanyeol is an unwelcome complication that Kyungsoo isn’t certain he can *or wants* to handle.


Written for Takoyaki Station Round 2017

Word count: 17k

Genre: Humor, fluff

Warnings: Recreational drug use, explicit language, furbies (the creepy 90s toys)

Huge, HUGE thanks to my betas Sara and Yuki who collectively saved this train wreck. ILY guys. 


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L_6112 #1
Chapter 1: Ahhh cute . Always love a ChanSoo fluff story 🤩🤩🤩
Yeolsoo_tako #2
Chapter 1: The story and the plot is so satisfying. Thank you authornim.
Chapter 1: Aww... this is adorable! Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. lmao-d on the Arnold decor of Kyungsoo’s apartment! hahaha!
Chapter 1: This is my third story i read for you and there alweys this clever shift between the story line that it hit me hard with shock ...clap for having smart brain writting this perfect stories
Chapter 1: This was amazing. Sehun being the gang leader was so surprising. I thought maybe it was Junmyeon.. Chansoo is forever gold.
Thank you for this story.^_^
emina888 #6
Chapter 1: I love how you wrapped this up. Nice one on that ending haha
Chapter 1: Cute lumin......like always chansoo is the best
nowaywth #8
Chapter 1: End with a smile on my face. I need a fluffy after story.