Shelter From the Storm


Cheetah hybrids are anxious by nature, a trait that has been detrimental to their popularity and survival. Kyungsoo is no different, though he wishes to be. After a string of unsuccessful treatments, he has given up trying. When Yixing brings up recent research that dog hybrids have had a calming effect on cheetah hybrids, Kyungsoo’s hope springs anew. Enter Chanyeol, a dog hybrid with a goofy grin and a tail that never stops. Could he be the thing Kyungsoo needs to conquer his anxiety once and for all?


Dogs are used as emotional comfort animals for cheetahs in some zoos, hence the inspiration for this fic. You may find an article on it here and here. (be warned, if you google you will fall into a pit of staring at Dog / Cheetah pictures for hours because OMFG it is adorable.


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L_6112 #1
Chapter 1: Th9s is amazing. Thank you. I ho0e youre always safe.
L_6112 #2
Chapter 1: Th9s is amazing. Thank you. I ho0e youre always safe.
Rb2012 #3
Chapter 1: Loved loved loved the story so hard. I teared up a little at the end.
Memexo #4
Chapter 1: Awww this is soooo sooooo cuteeeeee awwww why Chansoo is so cute
sarasha82 #5
Chapter 1: Omg, this was absolutely beautiful!! So cute and lovely! Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us <3 I enjoyed reading it so much!!Kyungsoo is indeed so brave!! And Chanyeol is such a good boy!! also I started following on Twitter cause I love lame jokes!!
Mistycal #6
Chapter 1: ♡♡♡ This was touching and I loooove the ending soo much. Even though I don't have anxiety diorder, but I think that it is hard on the people who have it. I hope they have close friends or family to help them through this turmoil.
This is absolutely the cutest hybrid au ever I read. Hope you write a sequel to this story... Let's write about ChanSoo future baby cubs and puppies >.<
Zizzlebug #8
Chapter 1: THIS IS SO CUTE
emina888 #9
Chapter 1: That was sooo adorable <3 Now, let me go and start reading all your other fics too! You'll probably see me in the other comments box too~ --> assuming I have not yet lost xx hours (supposedly for me to get ready for work today) watching dog and cheetah videos XD