Healing Process

Love works like Magic (Editing)
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Woohyun has just been hit and run in front of him.


      Everything happens in a blink of an eye. Sunggyu is rendered into shock, his eyes and mouth both gape open, utterly in disbelief. He never want to get Woohyun hurt. Really – never.

      He rushes to Woohyun's side hastily with panic painted clear on his face. Woohyun is losing his consciousness, his eyes barely open, and his clear glint weakens.

      Sunggyu holds Woohyun’s cheeks, they are drenched in blood. He yells at Woohyun to stay awake, to stay with him, but the latter doesn't listen to him obviously. He loses his consciousness a moment later. Woohyun's shirt is drenched in the crimson red liquid so unbelievably fast. His head is cracked and bleeding, and his abdomen is torn apart, blood gushing out from the deep cut. Sunggyu checks the unconscious man's neck for pulse, it has weakens.

      Sunggyu knows that he doesn't have much time before people come to the area; the car has been speeding off the moment the crash happened. Sunggyu has to do what he can in the short critical time to help Woohyun as much as he can. First thing first, he needs to stop Woohyun from keep bleeding profusely.

      Sunggyu lifts the soaked shirt upwards and winces at the sight. He shakily puts his hand on top of the wound and closes his eyes. He conjures, “Mend the bond tore by proud.” His voice thickening with magic as he casts the healing spell.

      He is tired before, but his desire to save Woohyun wins, through and through. Besides, people always says that you can do better when you're in a stress and danger situation anyway.

      Even so, that doesn't change the fact that healing spell is one of the hardest spell to conjure and manage. It needs a lot of concentration and magic to be able casted properly. Beads of sweat formed on the witch's forehead and his hand shakes vigorously as he pushes some more magic in. He can feel his energy decreasing alongside with the outflow of his magic. It courses through his veins adamantly like a hot mercury, and seeping into the wounded guy like a stream of water. But Sunggyu is a powerful wizard, so he knows he can do it well.

      The blood gradually stop gushing out from the wound, and the torn skin stitches up back together, bit by bit until it completely closed up. Sunggyu lifts his hand off the man's abdomen when the process is done, he checks on the man's cheek, (casting some cleaning spell in the process to wash the blood down) it's a bit warmer than before.

      Now that the blood has stopped spilling out, they need to get out of the scene. Sunggyu checks the surrounding for the last time to make sure no one is looking. There's none, but there's no harm in always double checking anyway.

      “I said I was busy, so scram!”

      He yells the expelling spell loudly to the open space. The spell is used when you want to keep people away from a space, it works in a certain perimeter. It's what wizards do when they want to hide things from non-magic people. Like their workplace, schools, etc. After making sure there's no any other sort of disruption on their way, the young witch grips onto Woohyun's hand, tightening their hold and then closes his eyes shut. He directs all of his focus into pointing his magic to both of them.

      He mutters a transportation spell firmly – location: their shared bedroom.

      Leaving only a loud crack sound, they disappear from the scene. Although he is thoroughly exhausted from casting the complicated healing spell from before, the teleporting spell is working fine. They land in their room with a loud thud, on the floor.

      Sunggyu pushes himself up shakily from the floor, and staggers for a few seconds after waking up. That's the aftermath of teleporting – you'll get dizzy and weak. Woohyun lays unconscious still next to him.

      Sunggyu ponders for a minute on the best way to pick Woohyun up from the floor and onto the bed since the next step requires a tedious action and Sunggyu won’t ever do it on the floor. In finality – albeit reluctantly – he crouches down next to the unconscious man, his right arm supporting Woohyun's neck and the other arm is pushed under Woohyun's back knees. With a huff, he picks him up and unsteadily walks to their beds. Woohyun's bed is a wrecked battlefield so Sunggyu has to drop the man on his own bed. He drops him off with relief, almost diving into Woohyun’s chest in the process from the impact.

      Sunggyu straightens his body and inhales deeply, readying himself. If anyone ever asked, he would deny this ever happened. He is about to do the most difficult healing spell. Out of the countless healing spell, this is the most powerful one, the hardest to conjure and the most difficult to maintain until the last. The healing process could be lasted to one hour, depend on the severity, thus can only be summoned when your magic and will is strong enough. It's great isn't it? Brag-worthy even. Will he ever told anyone in his magic community though? No. Why? Because the process involved in the sacred spell itself is terrifying enough to think about. And honestly he doesn't know whether he has enough energy and magic to ace it, but he has no other option right now. He needs to do this to save Woohyun.

      He climbs onto the bed and lays next to Woohyun warily, he shifts Woohyun's body so that the man's head is on his chest. This is so awkward, this is so awkward, he chants the sentence in his head over and over as his face contorts into small grimace. The witch drapes his left arm on the back of the black-ha

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