The Talk

Love works like Magic (Editing)
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“Please, I need to talk to you.” Sunggyu says, his gaze softens.

      Woohyun stares intently at the witch who determinedly clutching onto his arm, changing his gaze to where he touches him briefly before he finds his way back to Sunggyu's face.

      “What do you want more from me Sunggyu? Isn’t this what you want? Woohyun pries Sunggyu’s hand off his arm. The other man looks ashamed of it too.

      “This is important, I wouldn't bother you if it's not. Can you please just listen to me?” He utters almost desperately, yet there's serious tone injected into his words.

      Woohyun wants to stick to his act of ignoring Sunggyu, but the guy's serious tone prick his curiousness up. “Fine! Talk then.” He blurts out uncaringly, eyes roll up.

      “Not like this. Sit. It's going to be a long talk.” Sunggyu says, ushering to their beds direction.

      Woohyun looks like he’s about to protest with all of his heart, but in the end, he reluctantly strides over to his bed, frowning at Sunggyu. It’s like he’s trying to show his discomfort with every fibre of his body. He turns his body so they don’t sit face to face.

      “Can you at least look at my direction?” Sunggyu asks tiredly.

      Woohyun hesitantly shifts his position at the request and sits across Sunggyu. Their beds are close enough that their knees almost knocking together, but neither of them try to change their positions again.

      “How are you doing Woohyun?” Sunggyu asks warily while grimacing internally. Even to him, the question sounds weird and awkward and so out of place. But yeah, he needs to start small with Woohyun.

      Woohyun flicks his attention up to meet Sunggyu's eyes. His face shows a total confusion at the unexpected question. But before he has the chance to say anything, Sunggyu intercepts him.

      “You are not in any sort of pain for the past week right?”

      “Uhh no.” Woohyun hesitantly answers. Why would Sunggyu ask if he was in pain? It's not like he injure himself. He's completely fine. He doesn't even catch any fever or flu. He thinks vaguely about the other's question for a moment before his face changes suddenly and gasps, “D-did you cursed me again?” his right hand covering his mouth in shock.

      Sunggyu's face turns to shock and he denies it earnestly. “What?! Of course not.”

      “Then why?”

      “Look, I need to tell you something important. I know this would sound weird and unbelievable to you and seriously I don't know how to break this to you. Just try not to freak out okay?”

      Woohyun nods gingerly.

      Sunggyu stops briefly to pull himself before continuing, “Woohyun... you see, I don’t think the healing spell worked.”

      Woohyun's face changed, like he's in pain. “What do you mean?”

      “I don’t know.” The sentence is muttered lowly, mostly to himself. He shifts his gaze towards the man again, “That night, something had happened, to us.”

      Woohyun makes a face urging him to continue.

      “That night, when I tried to cast the healing spell, it didn't work at first.” He ponders briefly, “But then I saw your necklace.”

      Woohyun gasps, “You saw it?” He clutches the necklace in response. His cheeks redden at the thought of someone knowing his secret.

      Sunggyu nods. “Your necklace glowed.”

      Woohyun’s eyes widen in slight shock. So the necklace does contain magic. And apparently he’s not the only one that has seen its power. Woohyun swallows, “Then what happened?”

      “I touched it, and something, some sort of energy, surged into me. And afterwards, I could cast the spell.” Sunggyu touches his heart, where the energy has surged in before. It’s still there – the energy – the feelings.

      Woohyun looks a bit like he’s in a dilemma, before he opens his mouth to answer, “What kind of energy?”

      “I honestly don’t know.” He kind of has a guess what it is though.

      Woohyun's gaze weakens and he shifts his eyes to the ground.

      “Woohyun, you know that the necklace has magic inside it right?”

      Woohyun nods. When he talks next, his voice is soft, almost unheard. “The necklace, it's been with me since I was a baby. And it does contains magic. Although I just recently found out about that. I mean, I already knew it has magic, but never in my life before it did anything, until, well until recently.”

      “What kind of magic?”

      Woohyun shrugs. “I don’t know. It supposed to help with my destiny or something.”

      “Like with your luck?”

      Woohyun shakes his head, “I don’t think so. My luck has been pretty ty after all.”

      Sunggyu mulls in thought, if it’s not his luck, then what? Destiny? What else can be accustomed with destiny? His love life? As in soulmate?

      Sunggyu perks his face up. “Is it love related thing like finding your soulmate?”

      “Soulmate?” Woohyun tilts his head to a side. Honestly he never really thought about what kind of destiny the necklace would bring to him, but finding his soulmate doesn’t sound half as bad right? It’s not like he’s the chosen one waiting to be found to save the world or something. That would be outrageous.

      So searching for his soulmate, or in another term, his one true love, doesn’t sound ridiculous to him.

      Woohyun hums, “Maybe?”

      Sunggyu's face morphs into his thinking face. He never believes in soulmate before. To him, it's just an ancient myth no one cares about.

      Soulmate stories are very rare, almost non-existed, almost forgotten that they are rendered as myth instead of history. The last time it ever recorded was centuries ago, and its authenticity was doubted. It is possible that it’s just a myth derived from Werewolves' history (Werewolves believe in True Mate.) Meanwhile for magicians, it's hard enough to find another magician outside their community, and to find their true partner? It’s just not possible. They aren’t bestowed with werewolf's ability to recognize their true mate. It's ridiculous to still naively holding onto uncertain fate.

      And in his defence, he never meets any of the so-called soulmates in his life anyway.

      The young witch rakes his hand on his honey brown-haired, making it into a messy mob. It seems like telling Woohyun and learning the truth about the necklace hasn’t bring him anywhere. If any, the confusion increases tenfold now.

      Sunggyu lifts his head to observe Woohyun. The latter still directs his gaze on the floor, although now he looks like he's regretting all of his life choices. His soft-looking black

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