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Sunggyu has always thought he would end up alone for all his life. He would've never guessed that the new addition to his pack would bring out something within him that he thought has been long gone. But one omega from the new pack has proved him wrong. 


ABO au. 


Hello guys! I'm back with another story. This time it is an A/B/O theme BECAUSE I'm completely and utterly obsessed with it lately but sadly there aren't many that I managed to find (of Woogyu). This is going to be top!gyu because have you seen Sunggyu lately?? And also because I'm completely in love with the idea of omega!Woohyun. 

I already posted this chapter in one of my collection but since I couldn't tag the story properly so I guess it's better to make separate one. This is probably going to be two shot or three shot idk.

Please be patient with my lack of creativity. It's been so long I write anything. I'm not even sure if there anyone left reading woogyu.

Enjoy anyway ~


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