acrylic stains & love pains.

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Yebin doesn't quite know how to handle her first year in university, yet she finds herself even more confused when she discovers a keen interest in two of her peers.


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Dear Potential Subscriber,

Saeheung University is a fictional university located on the outskirts of Seoul, South Korea. It hosts a plethora of idols in an alternate universe where they attend SU. From freshman year to senior year (depending on the idol's age range & circumstances), each student-idol has a story of their own from romance, to drama, to living on ramen noodles & coffee, you are able to experience the growing pains of each student attending Saeheung. May the heartbreaks, one-sided crushes, rocky friendships, discovering oneself and life lessons begin. Attached below are links to stories involving idols you may love.

1.  acrylic stains & love pains  feat. Pristin's Kang Yebin, Kim Minkyung. NCT's Nakamoto Yuta, Johnny Seo & Dong Sicheng w/ appearances from other members.

2. dance sessions & lip-to-lip confessions feat. SVT's Wen Junhui, Xu Minghao & Jeon Wonwoo, Momoland's Lee Yeonwoo & Jane Sung.

3. diss me, miss me, now you wanna kiss me feat. G-Idle's Seo Soojin & Yeh Shuhua, NCT's Kim Jungwoo & Mark Lee.
not available to view yet.

Welcome stations (chapter one) and check-in areas (character introductions) will be placed throughout the campus (story) on the first day of arrival (welcome if you decide to subscribe). Please proceed and welcome to Saeheung University, your idol is officially a DOVE.

the poster above was gifted to me from FLOWINGALIS who has more incredible graphics at BEEB GRAPHICS
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I will be back to update ASLP as soon as I get the other two stories a little bit more caught up with this one. ♥
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