acrylic stains & love pains.

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Yebin doesn't quite know how to handle her first year in university, yet she findsΒ herself even more confused when she discovers a keen interest in two of her peers.

pictures and the characters areΒ notΒ mine nor do I claim them, only the story is original to me.


author's corner ✌❀️

So, I guess I'm making a fictional series of idols who attend Saeheung University (also fictional) and pairing them up AKA #crackships for my entertainment andΒ maybe you all's too. Thank you all for supporting acrylic stains and love pains! I'm not exactly sure how many of these will get created. I picked idols who aren't written about a lot for my tastes or those who caught my attention in a comeback, etc. I hope that you guys enjoy this one and if you are interested inΒ a new one that's been in draft more since the creation of this one, the link isΒ provided forΒ dance sessions & lip-to-lip confessions, I appreciate the support even more! Please enjoy as updates are sporadic. I have in mind who the third installment would be but I'd hate to include superΒ popular groups.

the poster above was gifted to me fromΒ FLOWINGALIS who has more incredible graphics at BEEB GRAPHICS
(yes, the uppercase words are clickable)


Minkyung (Roa) and Yebin (Rena) look so good during Pristin V promos. Finally, a genre that Yebin loves and I can't stop playing, omg😍😍 The girls' MV hit 1M views!❀️❀️


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Chapter 11: Hopefully the poll can inspire you to write, no matter who wins it. I choose Yuta because.. So far I think Yebin has more "intimate" interaction with Yuta, while with Sicheng it feels a little bit out of the blue, they've only meet 3 times? With Yuta, at least, they're working on a project together. But that's my own opinion! Don't be too focused on it and I hope you can enjoy writing. Good luck!
Chapter 9: i swear this story is hidden gold, i really like how its presented and its a shame it hasnt gotten more comments. short and sweet with each chapter, but still bringing out character development. i can only wish more people will find this story, and that you'll keep updating it!
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Chapter 9: I actually love that this story is made up from short chapters. And then the contrast between Yuta and Sicheng and their interaction with Yebin! Looking forward to this, good luck with everything!
Chapter 3: that's so mean, what the heck... nice story, though! i'm looking forward to the future chapters~