Impossible is Nothing

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GTae;  One Shot Collection 


G Dragon ( Kwon Jiyong ) 

♡ ♡♡

Kim Taeyeon  


hanlyn07 Copyright2017

PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE,COPY or PRINT. Any similarities to other stories, drama,movie, books etc. is purely coincidental. This is my idea and purely fiction ONLY. Pictures and gifs that are used are not mine, credits to owners. 

[12-02-17] I'm so happy today, so I posted another one shot. 😂😅


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1 points #1
Gtae feels <3
beautae_ss 1 points #2
Chapter 8: How I wish jiyeon is real *sigh*
Tygdlove 1 points #3
Chapter 8: Cute
mzlyod 1 points #4
Chapter 8: The cutest
Ayunindellany 1 points #5
Chapter 8: Omg jiyeon :))) she is the cutest
1 points #6
nice (‘∀’●)♡
Tiatioot 1 points #7
Chapter 7: Awww, thank you for making me smile while enjoying my worklife schedule, it does make me smiling like pabo, hahahaha ❤❤❤
mzlyod 1 points #8
Chapter 7: Jiyeon is so cute....
More nim please..
BrowlessPaleskin 476 streak 1 points #9
Chapter 7: Aaaw daddy ji so cute
sheishei88 1 points #10
Chapter 7: Awwwwww..this is beyond I wish it would be true