Whole Heart


Joohyun may not be the best girlfriend in the world, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Seulgi with her whole heart.


story and graphic by me


Tags: Romance, Fluff, A little touch of angst ;)
Length: One shot (6,4k words)

• Seulgi and Irene are two idiots in this fic tbh
• English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors


Hiiiii I'm back with another Seulrene one-shot and this is created after I spent my thirty minutes staring at Seulgi's picture in google images I'm such a creep 
Have you watched RV's new mv btw? I really hate SM's stylist for giving Irene that kind of haircut how could they do this to my Bae
Anyway, thank you for clicking and I hope you'll enjoy the story!


10/07/18 - I woke up with so many notifs for this old fic and I got so confused hahaha thank you for seding this to the featured page, lovelies! :')))


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Chapter 1: i-i cried...
Chapter 1: I loved when Joohyun listed all those things about Seulgi :'(
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Chapter 1: ugh. it’s so fluffy!
violalagman #4
Chapter 1: cute
Jmn_jn #5
I love this so much <3
cwright01 #6
This story is simple.sweet and lovely, i love how it is written!! Really good story!!
CONGRATS! This totally deserved it. One of my favorite stories :)
Chapter 1: Brilliant. That's all. Just bravo.
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OKAY, first im squealing like crazy now. Your story is enough to keep me through the night smiling and not sleeping. And... Oh yeah, second, its freaking in the middle of night in my country now (THIS IDIOT REALLY HAVE TO SLEEP, NOT SMILING BECAUSE OF A CERTAIN FANFIC. DONT MIND THIS IDIOT BTW) . Anyway, thanks for the story tho... I love it <3