Here Beside Me

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It is ridiculous that a scaredy-cat like Tao would fall in love with the ghost who's haunting the suspiciously cheap house he just bought, but he did anyway.

Prompt given by RiceBubbles


This story is written as a birthday gift for RiceBubbles

No translation or adaptation allowed because people steal my work.



“There’s something that bound his spirit to this house. As long as that thing is still inside the house, then he’s not going anywhere.” Luhan shakes his head and turns to the door again. “Besides, do you really want to get rid of him even though he’s harmless?”

“Of course! He is a ghost and I don’t want to live with a ghost!!”

The lights in the room are suddenly switched on.

“Ahhh!! I’m sorry! I won’t get rid of you!!” Tao cries and buries his head in Luhan’s chest again.

Luhan breaks into a laughing fit and lifts his hand to pat Tao’s head. “Come on, Tao. He’s laughing at you right now.”

“H-He’s laughing at me?” Tao whips his head and glares at the empty door frame, pointing his finger at the invisible ghost. “H-How dare you laugh at me?? This is all your fault for haunting this house!”

“Tao, he’s no longer standing at the door.”

“H-Huh? Then where is he right now?” Tao frowns at Luhan.

“He’s right behind you.”

Tao lets out a high-pitched scream. 



Tags: Ghost!au, Romcom attempt bc I can't write anyting funny, Gross fluff, The level of angst that might make you cry, Little little at the end, Happy ending(!!!)

Length: 4 chapters

• Featuring Yifan your friendly ghost and Tao who gets scared at everything
• English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors
Please do not demand for updates or anything. I mean the birthday girl didn't even ask me so why would you lol


My calendar says I have less than one month to complete this fic for Rice's bday because I'm leaving to China at the end of September and I'm going to miss her birthday (again lol sorry xoxo) so yeah I'll probably have to turbo-write this
I swear some of you have figured that my favorite color is pink lmao look my posters most of them have pink vibes 
Anyway this story is basically fluffy but there will be angst, there you have the reminder, don't say I didn't warn you about the angst once we reach that part (ʘ‿ʘ✿)


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