Over a Cup of Chamomile Tea

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There's a reason why Tao enjoys his late night shift in the convenience store, because he gets to talk with Wu Yifan over a cup of chamomile tea.

Prompt given by Monfie



"A typical fluffy story that will (hopefully) make your stomach flutter and your toes curl."

This fic is exclusively written for Monfie
Best girl. Best friend. Best asian mom who will whoop your with a broom if u start

No translation or adaptation allowed because people steal my work.



For nearly two years of working in a convenience store, Tao watched a man’s life crumble with his own eyes. From having a constant companion, to buying a cheap alcohol to ease the pain.

Tao watched Wu Yifan (according to the name on his credit card) struggle to get over his ex-lover; from wasting the night away with a bottle of alcohol even though he’s drunk already, to getting a one night stand from the condoms he buys sometimes.

And maybe, through it all, Tao may have a slight crush on the man because he wants nothing more than to see him smile again.

Unable to remain passive as Yifan drowns in his own misery, Tao tries to intervene with a cup of chamomile tea and a little bit of company.

Yifan begins to appreciate it, especially when he starts to come in the middle of the night without an ounce of alcohol in his system, a soft smile plastered on his face whenever their eyes meet.


Summary is written by Monfie and edited by me


Tags: Super gross fluff, Idiot couple, Gays, The is only at the end, The is kinda , The kink is requested by Monfie herself no kinkshame pls, Mostly fluff tbh, Super possessive protective Yifan <><>

Length: 8 chapters

• Featuring Tao the gullible boy must protecc him from the wolves, but seriously Tao is unrealistically stupid here
• Featuring Yifan who will protecc Tao from all the wolves because he's the most dangerous wolf tbh
• English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors
Please do not ask for updates or anything. If u are not Monfie u have absolutely no right to ask me what to do with this fic lmao


Hi I wrote this especially for Monfie and she wants me to share it here so hopefully you'll enjoy this too
This fic is basically fluff and probably a little bit of romcom, but of course there's a little spice of drama cause drama is what makes a fic aLiVe
There's also but it's only at the end for the final spice cause it's all about fluff here yEAh the is a little cause Yifan is a here
This entire fic is going to be a mess I can sense it, but hopefully it will be a good mess (ʘ‿ʘ✿)


Since there's someone who complained about Yifan's character even tho they're not Monfie, let me say this again: Read foreword properly, don't make a fool of yourself by complaining something i've clearly written in the foreword. Be a smart reader hun <3
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