Ever After

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Yifan asks for Tao's first dance on his birthday party, but Tao actually gives his first everything from that day onwards. 


Prompt given by Mishtique


This story is written as a birthday gift for Mishtique

Story and graphics by me.

No translation or adaptation allowed because people steal my work.



“What’s your name?”

“Tao…” The boy sniffles.

“I’ve never seen you before.” Yifan deadpans.

“My parents took me here… because it’s your birthday…” Tao rubs his eyes as he speaks.

“Don’t rub your eyes too much. Mom said they would get red.” Yifan pries his hand away from his eyes.

Tao nods his head obediently. Now that they’re speaking like this, he realizes that Yifan isn’t as scary as earlier. After all, Yifan is also the one who stops his tears.

“How old are you?”

“Five…” He mutters softly, still holding the teddy bear.

“I’m eight. I’m older than you, so you should listen to me.” Yifan huffs demandingly like the brat he is.

“Okay.” Tao nods. His mother did tell him that he should listen to someone who’s older than him.



Pairing: Kris and Tao

Tags: Mpreg, Prince!au, Royal!au, Super fluff, Gross couple, Eventual , Self-lubricating (for the bday girl), No angst or drama, Childhood friends turned lovers

Length: One-shot

• Featuring Yifan and Tao as princes whose kingdoms are next to each other
• This fic is maximum fluff, so there's no angst or drama, just some tooth-rotting fluff lmao 
• English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors

Do not tell me what to write in the fic or ask for updates. You know the drill, the birthday girl didn't even ask me to so why would you lolol


Hi I wrote this especially for Mishtique's birthday and the prompt is given by her ʘ‿ʘ 
She gave me a list of prompts and I had a hard time trying to pick one to write cause all of them are so good hhhh
Like I said, she requested a fic with maximum fluff and no drama so here it is, a fic full of gross fluff and happy ending (´≝◞⊖◟≝`)
If u complain about anything regarding this fic, I'm gonna smack you with my slipper cause this is someone else's bday gift ʕʘ‿ʘʔ


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