Whole Heart


Joohyun may not be the best girlfriend in the world, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Seulgi with her whole heart.


story and graphic by me


Tags: Romance, Fluff, A little touch of angst ;)
Length: One shot (6,4k words)

• Seulgi and Irene are two idiots in this fic tbh
• English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors


Hiiiii I'm back with another Seulrene one-shot and this is created after I spent my thirty minutes staring at Seulgi's picture in google images I'm such a creep 
Have you watched RV's new mv btw? I really hate SM's stylist for giving Irene that kind of haircut how could they do this to my Bae
Anyway, thank you for clicking and I hope you'll enjoy the story!


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wenseulrenejoyri #1
Chapter 1: I srsly criedd. I was crying.. Is crying,,: still crying I love how this is so sweet why am I such a soft stan ajdksjshwsaj
katykim #2
Chapter 1: I love this♡♡♡
alyciaheart 29 streak #3
Chapter 1: And that's why communication is important in a relationship.. 102% right love it
Chapter 1: This story makes me feel so much contentment. I know it’s not an extravagant issue, yet still very heartwarming, sentimental, and honestly so relatable. Communication is indeed one of the most important thing in relationship.

Gah... you don’t know how much i love both characters here. LOVE definitely changes people. I just love how seulgi can be so selfless even though her childlikeness was screaming for attention. And i also love how irene finally realised these “little” things about seulgi, and willing to change just by the thought of losing seulgi. This is what i called by “the power of love!”. I also learn something from this too.. it makes me see things differently now, about love i mean.

Anyway.. thank you for this amazing story of yours. It’s really well written. I’m glad i found this :)
48 streak #5
Chapter 1: What the heck. I’m crying this is too cute.
Snowy__ 39 streak #6
Chapter 1: Aww oh my oh my I love it so muc, thank you for this!! :)
Chapter 1: The bestt so fluffyyyy mygoshhhhh >_< btw haha how about the necklacee >\\\<
Chapter 1: I've read this like last year but didn't quite get the title and I'm honestly glad I found it again. I love this ♡
Chapter 1: YES! COMMUNICATION! IS! IMPORTANT! Omg it bothers me sm when I’m watching a show or smth & a couple is in crisis- like jUst talk to each other it’s not that hard!! I love how seulgi & irene were able to work it out at the end & be a cute, understanding couple :)
Chapter 1: They both childish yet mature in the right time xD