The Baby Daddy

"Listen," Somin awkwardly held Minguk in her arms and shook it off as if having a child was no big deal. "Taking care of a baby isn't hard."

Sehun sat in the lounge and nervously eyed the door every five minutes hoping no one would come in.

"Relax would you? You know people hardly come in here," She blew some dust off a microwave. "The cleaning lady rarely comes through our department let alone this place,"

"I know," Sehun took a deep breath. "But knowing my luck, someone would come in-"

"Hey!" She knocked her knuckles against a table. "Don't jinx it!" 

He nodded and silently turned away. 

"Yah!" Somin stood in front of him. "You know you have to take this kid with you, right? I'm not taking responsibility for him! I don't even know him!"

"But you said taking care of a baby isn't hard!" He scoffed. "You sounded like you had confidence!" Sehun glanced at her hands. "Are you married? Do you have kids or something?"

"Well, I have a nephew in the States..."

"In the States?"

"I've seen him once or twice- but we video chat all the time." Somin set the baby down on his lap. "My sister always complains about diaper changes and getting no sleep as a parent- but Minguk isn't a newborn so it shouldn't be as hard."

Sehun stared at the kid in disbelief. "Are you real?"

She gently poked a finger into Minguk's soft cheeks and sighed when the baby giggled. "He is..."

"How is this situation..." He couldn't fathom now it happened. "How did- he got left on my doorstep, Somin. Is my life a movie or something?"

"It's pretty ridiculous, I admit." 

"Can you help me out here?" Sehun asked. "We've been desk buddies for over 2 years now-"

"What? Are we going to take turns babysitting at work now?" 

Sehun gulped as he dared to ask the next question. "Um...Can you come home with me?"

Somin gasped and clutched her head as she walked around the room in big circles. "Sehun, Oh Sehun. Mr. Oh Sehun from cubicle 24, this is our first conversation that is not work related and the first thing you do is ask me to go home with you?"

Minguk tugged on Sehun's tie and happily waved his hand. "Nae!" 

"You know what I mean!"

"Hell no!" Somin shook her head and walked out of the room. "No matter how hot you are, hell to the no! I would never go home with a hot coworker that I only kind of know, is this a k-drama?"

Sehun held Minguk in his arms and tried to comprehend her words. "W-Wait, what?" Does she think I'm good looking? I...I don't even- I wasn't thinking dirty at all! I genuinely need help! "I don't understand women..."

To which Minguk continued to nod. "Nae!" 


A couple hours later

"Wow Sehun, are you staying overtime? You never stay overtime..." A fellow coworker who worked a few rows away was getting ready to leave. "You're normally the first one to go!"

Sehun crouched over and attempted to hide Minguk under his blazer. Of course, I'm the first one to go, what kind of lunatic would want to work extra hours and not get paid? "A-Ah yes, I'm a little bit behind."

"Of course you are, you and Somin were getting it on in the break room, eh?"

Somin and Sehun's ears seemed to perk up at the same time as their cheeks turned a fiery red. "No!" They both exclaimed. 

Their coworker laughed. "Whatever you say! Since you guys are the last ones here, can you lock up? Oh, and don't forget to wake Eunhyuk up." He pointed to another coworker who was passed out at his desk. Eunhyuk always fell asleep after his shifts. "Someone left him here last time and he was pissed!"

Sehun nodded. What the hell? How is that possible? These people are insane I swear. "S-Sure." 


"First time hearing about Eunhyuk?" Somin chuckled. "That means you don't stay long enough, ever, to see the this guy does."

Sehun wrapped up his work and hastily got up. "How come you didn't leave yet?"

"Because you didn't! I thought you didn't finish your half of the work so I stayed behind in case you needed help." 

"That's nice-"

"And it's because you got a little something holding you back!"

Sehun propped Minguk up on his hip. "W-Well I finished 3 hours ago!" 

Somin glanced at the time and furrowed her brows. It was nearly 8 in the evening which meant she stayed for 3 unnecessary hours. "What the heck? Why didn't you leave? Our shift ends at 5-"

"How the hell am I supposed to leave in broad daylight with this?" He asked. It was true, everyone in the office seemed to have internal clocks that worked backward. Everyone was dead and out of their minds in the mornings but by night, they were all invigorated and aware of everything around them. "Thank goodness these lights are dim!"

Somin her teeth and grabbed her bag. "Oh my gosh!" 

Sehun nodded towards the door. "Come on!" 


A few blocks later, the two came to a halt and turned to each other. "Did you..."

"...wake Eunhyuk?"

Sehun pressed his lips into a firm line and closed his eyes. "Crap!" 

Somin sighed and waved her hand. "It's fine! Go home with Minguk, I'll go back and get Eunhyuk before he throws a fit tomorrow!"

He grabbed her arm. "N-No, it's okay. Let's go together, it's getting dark and I don't want you outside by yourself."

"Nothing's going to happen to me,"

"It's a dangerous world, Somin, and if there's one thing right that my mother taught me, it's that I should never leave a woman out by herself at night." 

"F-Fine," Somin turned around and continued walking. 

"H-Huh? Aren't we going to get Eunhyuk-"

"Forget about him! What idiot falls asleep and misses the chance to go home?" Somin rolled her eyes. "He needs to learn something!"

Sehun followed after her and continued to walk towards the train station. At least we can take the train now, I've never gotten off work this late, no one will recognize me! 


Then Somin abruptly turned around and began to speed walk back to the office. "Dammit Eunhyuk!"

He eyed her backside and watched as her locks bounce up and down. Sehun couldn't help but laugh. "Wait for us!" He said. "Let's go together!" 

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props to eunhyuk for unintentionally bringing them together lol 

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