Neurosis [Complete Series available on TAPAS]


In a world where your phobias define you, your fears are based on how you died in your past life.

Chaeyeon is a forthcoming psychiatrist with philophobia, the fear of love.

Sehun is a residential doctor with thantophobia, the fear of death.


There aren’t many in the world like these two but when their lives crash at Samsung Medical Center, their nightmares only get worst. It’s only by chance that the cure to their horrors is each other.  

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Complete Series Available on Tapas :) read chapter 4 for more details/explanation


Don't let your fears define you. 

"I don't want normal, and easy, and simple... I want painful, devastating, passionate, difficult, life changing, extraordinary love."



*Discontinued on Asianfanfics - COMPLETE SERIES AVAILABLE ON TAPAS*

Read Chapter 4



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