Civilizing Oh Sehun


In which Haebin’s life finally seems to be falling into place until one day, a barbaric merman named Oh Sehun shows up at her doorstep.


"ing amazing."


Rough, potty mouthed, and always grouchy, Haebin is a college graduate who is frictionally unemployed. As a brazen and independent woman who is determined to find her place in society, Haebin is constantly job hunting so she can make a living for herself. After years and years of summer employment, she finally saves up enough money to move out on her own. Life seems to fall into place as everything is going her way until one day, a clueless man shows up at her doorstep asking for help. When Haebin takes him in with the intention of helping him find his way home, she gets more than what she bargained for.

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"Wait, hold up...Say that again?"

"My name is Oh Sehun-"

"No, after that-"

"I'm from Jeju Island and I'm a merman."

"...What in the actual ?!"



[author's note]: Did anyone watch Legend of the Blue Sea?

At the end, Sim Cheong (the mermaid) is seen coming onto land as an experienced mermaid.

She guides a newbie mermaid and tells her how to behave on land.

After seeing that little scene, I thought of the plot of Civilizing Oh Sehun. :)



Thanks to Jennie (backtosquareone) from Punks in Pink:




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