Neurosis [Complete Series available on TAPAS]

Greetings everyone!

I've been thinking about my stories and where to put them for a long time, I want my works to be free to everyone but that's hard to do when there are people plagiarizing and taking my stories for their own use.

You may have noticed that only 3 chapters are available right now but don't fret, the entire series is available on Tapas Media exclusively.


Unfortunately, with the recent mishaps that have happened regarding this story- I have decided to remove much of it from AFF.
​Having it under Tapas makes this story legally copyrighted to me and my company so hopefully others can see this as a lesson to not take stories from others.

I love you guys and I love being here on AFF, I thought about this for a long time but that recent finding of someone translating this story without my permission was really the last straw (x_x)   

​I will most certainly not be leaving AFF, don't you worry! But out of all my stories, only this one will be available on Tapas only!

I encourage you to download the app and read Neurosis there, if not, there so many brilliant authors and artists on that app- please support them too!!!!

​Do not worry about the rest of my stories, they will be available here as long as no one copies it or translates it! :)

​I will be releasing a bunch of more stories too and finishing the uncompleted ones as well. 2017 is right around the corner, you can bet that I will be writing like a maniac after the stresses of being a HS senior get lifted off me!

​Anyway, TLDR: Download Tapas and read Neurosis there exclusively :)

*Do NOT unsubscribe! Although not available now, someday, I will post the full series here on AFF in the future. :) Someday...*

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I'd added another title under my name on Tapas and this time, it's Neurosis- but there is something special about this series: It is EXCLUSIVE to Tapas.

It took me a long time to come to this and I never wanted my stories to be exclusive to just one app because my readers can have it here on AFF. However, with the most recent happenings with this person translating Neurosis without my permission and that person plagiarizing The Crimson War, that was really just the last straw.

Neurosis will be my only exclusive story for now. I will discontinue the updates here on AFF but the complete series will be available on Tapas pretty soon - within a few days!

I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from in this case and continue to support me and give Neurosis some love. I'm almost done writing Neurosis and I'm very proud of it, I hope you guys love it as much I as do when it comes out. I really truly want you guys to enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I am NOT leaving AFF, I never will, it's my home and it will always be so as long as the sun rises every morning, I will still be here on AFF. I haven't been updating as often as I'd like to because these past few months have been very stressful and busy in terms of school and just life in general!

Don't fret, Neurosis won't be updated here on AFF but the rest of my stories are still here for all of you! In fact, I will be releasing a few new ones soon! :) I hope to complete my other stories as well, so stay tuned! 


Here is a sneak peek of Neurosis: 

You can also view it on your computer before downloading the app!


If you haven't done so, please download the Tapas app:

I'm not saying this just because Tapas Media is my publisher, but there are seriously a lot of talented artists and authors on that app! I read books and comics there myself and I gotta say, I'm seriously hooked!
If any of you have already downloaded the app, thank you!And question- which series are you enjoying right now? Let me know!

I'm currently loving Seasons of Su, Fashionstar, Medical Tales Retold, The Wave, and Hwaja




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