Internet and Coffee

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

       Saturday comes, and I head to a Internet cafe to chill. I can go online on my phone anytime, but sometimes I find it fun to surf the net with other people while sipping coffee. I suppose it’s like going to a library when I can just read at home.
       A nice Internet cafe recently opened near my house. They’ve got these big curved monitors used by pro gamers, who show up to train from time to time. The owner always keeps the place sparkly clean, and sunlight filters through the floor-to-ceiling windows bordering the street, making the place cheery and bright. But the clincher for me is their totally awesome coffee. It always confounds me how so many ‘real’ cafes have terrible and expensive coffee. The owner here must know his coffee. He’s this friendly dude in his thirties with a neatly trimmed goatee. Female patrons often chat gaily with him at the counter. Maybe I should ask him for advice on girls sometime, but today I just want to chill.
       I settle down with my coffee in a corner seat and start clicking through random sites. Some boring international news about some new president with bad hair. The latest pop star scandal. A few judo forums. Hmm…what’s this? A new pool? Looks interesting. I click open the details. The webpage describes it as Olympic sized with a diving area. It’s even heated. The online pictures look really neat and they have a promotion today that lets high school students with a valid ID swim for free. Wait, today? I look at the time. I can still make it if I hurry. I down my coffee, pack up my stuff, and head back home to grab my swimming shorts.

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