Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

       The next few days come and go. Besides the time I spend working on the apple farm, I make sure to spend the rest of my time after school meaningfully. I AM serious about boosting my stats after all. Sometimes I head to the library. Sometimes I visit the Shinto shrine. Still, I feel like a fly without a head: buzzing nowhere. I need a more focused plan of action.
       Like I thought about before, after Shihoko swoons over my awesome display of affection for her, she will need a man who matches her in muscles, brains, and looks. I've already got the muscles, and I haven’t thought of a better way to boost my grades besides visiting the library. That leaves looks.
       Now that I think about it, looks are easy.
       I’ve never cared much about fashion, but it can’t be that hard. I just need to figure out the latest styles and emulate that. On my way home from school I stop by the news stand to buy a stack of the most recent fashion magazines: PopEye, Fineboys, Sense, and a few others. I flop down on my bed and flip through them to learn about the latest in babe-attracting gear. 
       Hey, this guy looks really hip wearing this black hat. I don’t have a black hat, but I have a blue beanie that’s similar. Here’s another guy with a really stylish shirt. I've got a polka dot shirt that’s just like this! Oh, sweaters are all the rage again? I should be able to dig up something Grandma sent me years ago. Let’s see…
       After an hour of mixing and improvising from my wardrobe, I create an incredible, original new outfit.
       I look at myself in the mirror. Yeah. I look like hot stuff.
       Miki invited me to hang out with her and Keika tomorrow, which gives me the perfect opportunity to test out my new look. Even though I’m satisfied with my outfit, it’s still better to get opinions from girls first. Maybe some of their comments will help me improve my outfit even more. I can’t wait for them to see me!

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