Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

       I wake up in my bed not sure what to think of last night. Was it all a dream? Because it sure felt like one. I can’t shake the feeling that I may have missed something important. Junko, hmm? Last night wasn’t such a bad date, was it? Wait. No. Ridiculous. That wasn’t a real date! I’m imagining things. We simply ended our enmity. That’s all. Besides, I have a clear target: Shihoko. I need to focus on Shihoko.
       Thinking more only makes my head hurt. I go take a shower to clear my head. Then I remember today is Sunday, and I’m grateful. I leave to get some exercise with the Bakayaro Gang. It goes well.
       The week goes by and nothing unexpected happens. I work at the apple farm for a few days and head to the library on the days I don’t. I see Junko once and she waves, but we are both rushing to class at the time so nothing comes of it. After that I don’t see her anymore. Probably busy with track this week. Miki comes to pester me as usual. Nothing new there.
       Yet Keika’s been conspicuously missing for the past two weeks, not counting last Saturday. Before, I usually saw her in the hallways, and we would chat about school or she would go on about her boyfriend Shoichi. If I didn’t know any better, I would say she’s been avoiding me.
       Maybe I’m just imagining it, but I think that things are a little…different…between Keika and me after that day at the pool. I must be overthinking this. The perfect proof: that makeover day with Miki and Keika. Keika had seemed pretty normal then. We’re just pals. It’s only my imagination running wild.
       Keika pops up. “Miki has another date!”
       Yup, it’s definitely just my imagination. Keika’s right here. Her old scatterbrained self. Like nothing ever happened. Because nothing did.
       “Oh really?” I say. “With who?”
       “I can’t tell you,” she says. “Because I don’t know.”
       “You’re not being very convincing, Keika. Somehow I think you’re behind this. Again.”
       “Who me?” says Keika with a surprised expression, fooling no one. “I’m a disinterested third party!”
       “I wouldn’t bet my life on that.”
       “What about you, Machida-kun?” says Keika. “Last time I checked you still don’t have a girlfriend.”
       “I’m working on it.”
       “You need to step up your game, Machida-kun.”
       “I thought you were on Miki’s side.”
       “I’m a disinterested third party,” she repeats.
       I roll my eyes as I wave goodbye. Yes, things are pretty normal this week.

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