Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

       Class has ended, and Keika chats with me by my desk.
       “It was terrible!” says Keika. “He has bruises all over his face.”
       “Uh, did he tell you what happened?” I ask.
       “He said some losers jumped him, but wouldn’t say more,” says Keika.
       “Loser…s. Huh.” I scratch my nose.
       “You wouldn’t happen to know what happened, would you?” Keika narrows her eyes at me.
       Is there a nice way to say 'I kicked the crap out of your boyfriend and his goons'? No, I suppose not. So I just shrug innocently and give her my best 'Who, me?' look.
       “Of course you wouldn’t. You don’t even know him. Silly me,” she sighs.
       She's right. I don’t really know him. He's better buddies with my fists.
       "But he's been so great to me recently!" Keika gushes, brightening.
       “Really?” I say. “I thought you said he’s always nice to you.”
       “I mean,” says Keika, “he’s even nicer now. Yesterday he bought me flowers! He’s never bought me flowers before.”
       Somehow that stings. A little. What am I thinking? This is for the best. That dude’s treating Keika better now. I’ve done my part as a good friend. Hurrah.
       “I’m happy that it all worked out, Keika,” I say.
       “Yes,” says Keika. “Me too. For a while I was confused.”
She looks at me. I look at her. We seem to have run out of words to say.

       “Keika!” Miki pops her head around the door. “Come help me with this!”
       "Coming.” Keika’s eyes avoid mine. “I better go check to see how Miki's doing."

       I watch her leave the classroom. I think I should be happy everything worked out.

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