A Call at Night

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

       Friday rolls around, and I finish all my school work that night so I can relax for the weekend. I remember walking past some old men fishing by the river near my house. Maybe I’ll go fishing tomorrow. It’ll be a nice way to unwind, especially after the intensity of last Saturday.
       The phone rings. Who's calling me at this hour? Could it be Shihoko? Yeah, right. She doesn't even have my number. I look at my phone and see Keika's name flashing. A call from Keika in the middle of the night? Is she going to rub it in about my lack of progress again? Rolling my eyes, I press connect.
       "Hi, Keika. Is this an emergency? You can make fun of me in the mornings too, you know."
       "Do you have time tomorrow? I am going shopping. Miki is busy, and I need someone to help me carry stuff. I'll pay for your meals, so it'll be worth your time." Keika’s words are businesslike, like we're doing a deal or something. Since playing porter is not my idea of a good time, I'd better think of a good excuse. Let's see...
       "Please," she says.
       It's impossible to refuse when a girl says it that way.
       "Okay. I'm free. Where? What time?"
       "How about one o'clock by the fountain near the train station?"
       "See you tomorrow." She hangs up.

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