I struck the lottery.

5 stars you meet in high school

[Saki POV]

Oh my god. Lee Taemin. My house. Neighbours. So hot. So cute. Unblievable.

Im incoherent now. May someone put these words up in proper sentences? Because I can't. Official brain malfunction.

Me, Stephanie, Yeon , hyo and Jessica all idolised different members of SHINee. Im hitting on Taemin, Stephanie on Onew, Yeon on Jonghyun, Hyo on key and Jessica on Minho. 

I sent out a mass text.

" To: Hyo,Stephanie,Yeon,Jessica

Guess what girlfriend, Lee Taemin is living on the block opposite me. Beat that- xoxo Saki"

Just seconds later my phone beeped.

" From : Stephanie

I hate you. But you should hate me too. Onew offered to fetch me home. - xoxo Fany"

replies flooded soon enough.

" From : Yeon

I actually don't believe this. Is this actually happening like OMFG. Steph gets a ride home and Saki is neighbours with Taemin. I need some action too."

" From: Hyo

Sheesh. Good luck never befalls on me. Peace girl. "

" From: Jessica

This is sooooo unfair D: If only my Minho would do the same to me! I'm gonna start hitting on him too. " 

I replied all of them back quickly. 

" To : Yeon

Best of luck girlfriend. I'd see you around soon. -xoxo Saki"

" To : Hyo

Toast to that babe. Don't cha worry. I'll see what I can help ya on. - xoxo Saki"

"To : Jessica

OMG really? Good luck! it'd be sooo cool if our clique gets all paired up with SHINee!"

and my phone rang again.

I checked the caller id. Lee Taemin.

I picked it up anxiously and surpressed my excited giggles.

Me: Hello Taemin. What's up?

Taemin : Hi! Well I was thinking if you would like to come over my place for a mini study session. Ratio was'nt very helpful today. Beacause well.. you know? *laughs*

I blushed. Did I distract him? What am I to distract him? Oh my god. Nah... Taemin is just a friend yes?

Me: ahhh yesh. So sorry about it ! I'll be over in 5 !

Taemin: so sunflower block, #10-25 see you there! Byebyeees!

With that I hung up. I then flicked my phone and called Stephanie.

Me: Girl. I need help, Taemin asks me over to his house for a study session!

Steph : Good luck on that. Wear something swet and casual. That's all I have to say! I'm with Onew now. BuhByeeee!

With that she hung up. I made a face at my phone.

I opened my wardrobe.... I guess I'll be in yellow hoodies and a tights today! 

[Taemin POV]

Wow. Did I actually do that. Did I actually ask a girl over to my house at 6pm? I've never asked a girl out anymore.... after Sulli left. 

Saki's smile was sweet, simple and cute. She was different from every girl including Sulli. 

I waited anxiously for her to come.

knock kock~ 

I rushed over to my door ad jumped over the stupid chair that was in my way.

There stood Saki, in a long yellow hoodie and brown skinnys.

She looked like a sunflower. I loved sunflowers.

I felt a sudden and unexpected rush inside me when I saw her. I was happy to a abnormal extent when I saw her. My heart wanted to explode.

I gave her a hug.

" Saki, I've been waiting!"

Wait, what did I just say? 

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