5 stars you meet in high school


In a life that is so so perfect, everyone looks deadly beautiful, everyone is rich and happy. In such a perfect world arrives the not so perfect Kim Sa ki.Saki and Lee Taemin, the possibly most beautiful boy in the whole world, find love together. The most worshipped and hottest boy 'gang' and school band, SHINee, with lee taemin as its lead dancer.You'll see that Saki's best friends, love rivals and all are from SNSD, etc Tiffany, sunny etc so picture them like it is, i'll include the era ^^

SHINee is still a boyband ~

Sulli and maybe krystal will be out too ^^

But someone's ex girlfriend is trying to screw things up. Is Love sweet? Or is it just a devilish lucifer?

Minho has a girlfriend, but finds himself falling for his hyung's lover.

Jonghyun and key is gay. Its a big hit for the SHINee clique. ( I'll keep it to pg-13 anyways xD)

Its a long term fic ^^ so enjoy~

Do post comments and all :D

This is gonna be a fluffy/ romantic fic at around PG-13


Im not very good at fanfictons and yeah i hope you enjoy ^^

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" What is meant to happen will happen. Lee Taemin will come into my life. And there is no stopping it. "

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