She left

5 stars you meet in high school

minho felt super uneasy while he sat on the stone bench, waiting for yuri to come.

" How the hell should I tell her?" Minho said to himself, flustered.

He heard footsteps, and there was Yuri. Minho smiled nervously.

" Sit down," Minho said gently, holding her hand

" I'm gonna be honest with you," miho said shyly.

Yuri smiled softly, nervous and anxious of what Minho was about to say.

" Recently I feel that Tiffany and steph have alot of similarities. I need your help to curb any growing attraction for her. I only love you, you!" Minho stressed on the "you".

Yuri just laughed. " I'm glad you chose to talk to me about this. I'm really glad you're honest with me." Yuri said soothingly, planting a kiss on Minho's cheek.

" Really?" Minho said, grinning.

" Of course!' Yuri said, smirking.

Minho gave Yuri one big warm hug.

" I love you" He said, smiling.


" Did you see Jessica in school today?" Yeon asked.

Steph, Saki, Hyo all shook their heads in unison.

" Do you know how many times I texted and called her last night?" Steph said, slightly annoyed.

" I'm so worried!" Saki said.

" What is wrong with her? She's making me so worried." Yeon sighed.

" Lets go to class," Saki said.

" The bell has rung."


" goodmorning miss lee...." The entire class greeted with an obvious lack of enthusiasm.

" I have an announcement to make. Jessica and Krystal would be leaving our class. They have transferred to The States to contnue their education." 

The four friends was shocked, that's so sudden. But why?

" She has a letter for you four girls." miss Lee said. It was obvious to know which 4.

Miss Lee dug out a slightly crumpled, white envelope, which had " MY FRIENDS" Written on it.

Saki took the letter and the four of them gathered to read it.

" Dear girls,

I'm sorry I have to leave. I never wanted to. The four of you were the best of friends I can ever have.

By the time you read this, I'm in the air, in the plane. And I'm on my way to the states.

I would miss you all, parting was a shame. I would remember you all forever. I won't be leaving my contact details because I need to start life a new.

As much I would love to talk to you all again,  I can't. I simply cannot anymore. 

I'm deeply in love with Minho, ever since i was 8. I have always been looking at him from afar, admiring him, loving him silently.

It's to the point I love him so much, I can let him go to who he truly loves and be happy with. However, it hurts me too much, my heart breaks. I cry almost every night. I lost my appetite and mood for the day. I also lost interest in any other things. That day, I ran away. I could not take it anymore. Minho, of all girls he loves, he doesn't love me. I cannot take it. Me and Krystal has deicded, for the best we would leave as soon as possible.

You 4 has been the best of friends i ever had. I won't forget you. Please love and cherish what you have, and stay happy.

Your bad friend,

Jessica Jung.

Saki was sobbing, Steph was hurling vulgarities at herself, blaming herself for telling jessica all those. Hyo was glum, and Yeon was speechless.

" It's all my fault." Stephanie said.

" Its all MY FAULT!" She screamed.

" Now girls, get back to class. Life goes on, you can cry after school." Miss lee said.

The 4 girls listened to class half heartedly, and miss Lee knew, she just pardoned them.



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