All's fair in love and war

5 stars you meet in high school

Everyone is back to the dorm. 

" Shall we go get drinks?" Saki suggested.

" Great! Me , Stephanie, Minho and Yuri will stay here then!" Onew beamed.

" Come on yo, we need you hyung. Its chicken we're buying back. Only you know where to get chicken at this unearthly hour!" Jonghyun groaned in frustration.

" Yuri Unnie.. you promised to go shopping for shampoo with me..." Saki said pouting.

" I guess 'll have to leave you two here, and you guys can't slack! You two have to cook for us!" Key bossed around, being the 'umma' he is.

" You don't worry Key. Stephanie is very very good in cooking." Yuri said, teasing her dongsaeng.

" So we'l leave you two to camp in the dorm for us then. We'll be real quick k? "Taemin said, his voice still shaky from the previous incident.

" Well if you say so...." Minho said, feeling somewhat uncomfortable being with his hyung's girl alone. He's...he's scared something would happen.


" hyung I want to tell you something..." Minho said to Onew.

" Yes , whats it?" The older replied

" Remember the girl called tiffany? My ex." He asked again, softly

" of course, she's the girl that got my minho hung up for a year."

" Yes, hyung you see...Tiffany and Stephanie...they're so alike. Confident, beautiful, outgoing. Stephanie can play sports just as well as Tiffany, they both can sing and rap....only that Stephanie can't cook right? And one day if Stephanie cooks....even if Im with Yuri, I...I might fall for her."

" Minho...all's fair in love and war, even if that happens, I won't blame you. If Stephanie is meant to be with you, as long she's happy, its all worth it."

-end of flashback-

a/n: another short update, sorry !T.T

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