A toast to...what? (part 1)

5 stars you meet in high school

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[Saki POV]

After so many things have happened, I realised how special my love for Taemin is, and I'm determined not to let him go. 

Anyways, off with the emo mood. Today, there will be a special party in town. Onew and Steph, me and taemin, Jessica, Larissa, Minho and Yuri will all be going there to celebrate and have fun. And at this very moment, Stephanie, Larissa and Jessica is at my house, having dress rehearsals before the party. Finally its settled. Jessica is donning on a dark sequeined hoodie mini dress ( Like those rdr hoodies, but a mini dress) and high stiletto heels. Stephanie highlighted her expressive eyes with white eye shimmer and wore a spaghettti strap green-black sequiened dress( like the boys !) , Larissa is in a white shawl and a elegant white minidress, her eyes lined . Well I? I'm not exactly wearing anything my style, the girls made me wear it...and I look like some diva queen. I'm in some red trimmed dress thats is longest at the sides. I'm not exactly he party girl type, if you can gauge by now.

" Well girls, I believe we're done. The boys will pick us up in a jiffy. You girls will make them go WOW." Larissa joked, teasing Stephanie. The two had gotten much more friendly since Stephanie started dating Onew. Jessica just blushed. 

" Ringdingdong~" There was my doorbell. 

Taemin, Onew and jongkeyminyul was there waiting for us, in three different cars. It was totally a glam scene. 

Taemin took my hand and said " You're looking so beautiful tonight." He took my hand a gave it a soft kiss.

" You're looking pretty handsome too." I joked. Yep, my tone was all jokey and teasing, however his looks were no joke I swear. He's so handsome in his red, ruffled hair. Was he the one in awe, or I am the one in awe of his good looks?

Taemin, being such a gentleman, opened the car and gestured me into it

" Madame, please?" He said, giving me one of his cute expressions that was just so irriestable. 

" Hey Saki! See you soon! Woooohoooooo~" Stephanie shouted as she got into the car, all ready to party.

" See ya!" Jessica called out softly, giving a wave. She was usually quiet, but when she gets rowdy, its pretty cute.

What a day to celebrate, our dark days over, its the lunar new year too.

In the car, me and Taemin chatted, repeatedly confessed our love for each other. He was so sweet 

and I really really love him to bits.

At the club, gathered in the nice lounge at a good spot in the club 


" Ya Lee Taemin, why are you talking so much? Go dance!" Onew suddenly teased.

" Ohhhhh~ aigoooooo" Everyone started to chant. 

Taemin blushed and protested " No way hyung! Im too lazy!" 

Jonghyun and Key stood up and bodly announced " By the power of Umma and Appa I hereby say Taemin will ... DANCE!" Jongkey started to push Taemin all the way to the dance floor , Onew and Minho still joined in, while the girls and i looked at them, laughing my head off.

" This is for..... Saki!" Taemin announced, drawing a roar of appluase from the crowd.

Taemin belted out his moves, everyone stopped to look at the dancer and his ferocious sharp, steps. He was perfectly in sync with the music and exerted every move with accurate force. It hands and legs swayed to the rythmn of the music.

" Woooooo!" Stephanie and Onew shouted together, Onew had his arm around Stephanie's waist, they cheered on for Taemin.

Onew took a glass and was about to toast, Taemin also halted his dance.

" Toast to .... woah!"

Suddenly, A brown and muscular man came and danced. He was even better and more powerful than Taemin, Taemin was already a dance machine, so was this guy a dance freak? Possible.

The man danced and did a handstand, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Taemin was stunned... He..he thought he was the best in town.

The man stopped and smiled at Taemin.

" Hello, I'm eunhyuk." Eunhyuk said, with a smirk on his face.

" Oh what a small world." A female voice rang, Sulli appeared.

" Meet my new boyfriend Eunhyuk, he's the best dancer in town." Sulli said with hate exploding from her eyes.

Eunhyuk stared at them shocked and confused.

" huh?" Eunhyuk said, confused.

Sulli just hooked her arm into Eunhyuk's and left.

" aww man, why must that always appear and ruin our day!" Onew said, near sobbing, Stephanie comforted him, giving him pats on the head.

I ran over.

" Oh my god Taemin, are you okay? Anyway I don't care about whether your the best dancer or not, I'll still love you, yes?" I said, giving Taemin my most reassuring hug and I gave him a warm, tender embrace.

Taemin smiled.

Taemin " Lets go for back to the dorm for snacks?" 

onew nodded in approval.

" Yeah, Who wants to stay here with a around, Lets go " onew shuddered.

A/N: Part two of " A toast to...what?!' Will be in the next chaptie.


happy new year!


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