Open your heart

5 stars you meet in high school

[Hyoyeon POV]

Its lunch time, a pretty dreaded period. I'm just so tired, you know?

Everyday I'm debating so hard with the fellow councillors to continue the Key/SHINee interview in the school newspaper. I loved Key, perhaps just as much as yeon did.

But the difference was, I knew when to let go. I knew my limits and I knew what I should do. Yeon perhaps, she did'nt have a fault either. She just wanted people to actually know she exists. That's not too much to ask right? There is a pretty screwed up world out there. Many of them are not trying to attract attention, they are just trying to prove their worth, there was nothing wrong with that. However the way she handled it... 

I'm utterly disappointed.

I walked into the canteen once more, my files of notes, meeting materials weighing heavily on my tired arms. Just half an hour ago I finally manage to persuade the teacher to let me carry on the interview. 

I see the table full of smiles. Taemin and Saki, Onew and Stephanie, Jongkey, Minho and Yuri. They smiled as they waved at me. It was just one table, out of the entire canteen that actually radiated smiles. The rest was giving me dirty stares and murderous looks.


I sat down beside Key. I smiled at him, he just gave me a weak smile as I greeted the others. 

" Key can I interview you today @ the garden, at 5pm? Jonghyun too." I said as I saw Jonghyun glancing at me.

" Saki, I would like you to come too.". 

Saki glanced at Key before looking at me. Key didn't really like Saki. I knew that, and I was determined to change it.

Key threw his head back and laughed. 

" Sure, why not." Key smirked, Jonghyun nodded his head in approval.

I smiled

" Meet you at 5pm then! Seeya!" I waved and went back, I needed to prepare for the interview.

Fact is, I didn't tell my teacher the interview was on homoual people. I'm at risk of losing my position as the head of the student council. But I couldn't care less anymore.

[ 5pm @ school garden]

I sat on the stone table. clutching my pen nervously. I was going to do this, save my friends from any misery they might face in the future.

Jongkey was the first to arrive, followed by Saki who came running from behind, panting.

I nodded and took out my recorded.

" Lets start?' I asked. Jonghyun gave Key a hand squeeze. Key nodded and smiled.

In the process, Saki and I comforted Key. Key had tears falling from his cheeks, and Jonghyun's eyes were gleaming silver.

I took deep breaths. I felt like I was about to collapse too.

Key " I'm sorry for being rude to you Saki." Saki smiled and gave Key a poke in the tummy.

" Thank you Hyo and Saki. I really know in this world... what are friends really are for.... You'll be my best friends forever.".

After I heard that, I really wanted to cry. Forever, if my mom would stand me being a normal student in this school, pigs'll fly. She'll transfer me out for sure.

That night, I took my pen and wrote.

" You all heard the shocking news about flower boys Kim Jonghyun and Kim key being gay. However, truthfully ask yourself. What is wrong with being gay? Is that a sin? Is one really able to choose their uality? No one will understand...."

That was printed on the school news paper the week after.

" I'm taking you out of SooMan high NOW." My mom shouted, after recieving news that my student councillor status had been revoked. What can I do? I chose this path.

" Mom.. let...let me say goodbye to my friends?" I pleaded. My mom nodded with fake empathy.

I strolled into the canteen. Everyone cheered for me.

" WE DON'T CARE WHETHER THEY ARE GAY. ITS NOT IMPORTANT ANYMORE!" Everyone chanted as Key walked infront and gave me a hug. 

For the first time, I saw Jonghyun smile.

I knew my work was paid off. I might only love Key for the rest of my life, and this is my first and last gift to him.

" I'm transferring out." I said softly.

Key's hand fell from my shoulders, in shock.

" I'm leaving for America Key." I said.

Key was too upset and shocked to say anything.

" Remember Key to open up your heart to anything... I'll see you soon. The article was worthy of you. " I simled, giving Key a pat to comfort him.

Actually I was the one that wanted to crawl into a corner and cry.

" Goodbye Key." I said and I left.


Before I could thank her, she was gone. Came and disappeared from my life so quickly. She was one brillant girl I'll always remember.

The true friend who gave up everything she had in this so called perfect reality for my happiness and the group's happiness.

The one true friend who taught me that in order for me to be happy, I'll have to open my heart.

goodbye hyo.


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