Dark days, bright light

5 stars you meet in high school

The few weeks ahead was the shiny SHINee's darkest.

Some girls turned to antis, they lost their standing.

Jongkey recieved hate mails from girls that used to promise to be with them forever.

Onew walked past SHINee's 4th dec concert poster. Terrible comments were written.

" F~~~ SHINee!"

" Get lost queers!"

Onew wanted to run away and cry. What happened? As SHINee's leader, was he just going to walk on the sidelines. Friendship wise, he obviously was'nt very good. Yeon did such a terrible thing... With Sulli's rage, they had better be on their tails.

Onew took a deep breath and dailed in Stephanie's number.

" Stephanie?" Onew called out.

" Yes Onew Oppa?" Stephanie said... obviously in a not-so good mood herself.

" Erm is something wrong?' Onew asked with genuine concern.

" Nothing much is just... I've been getting hatemail recently. Saki has it worse... Someone even asked Saki to check if Taemin thought she was a guy." Stephanie said, quieting down.

These days were tough. Hyo and jessica did'nt have anything much. Saki and Stephanie had it worst. The secret SHINee tried to keep for 3 years was revealed. 

Jongkey was'nt the type of boys every girl dreamed they were. And that pained them.

Like Yeon. It pained her.

" I'm sorry to hear that Tiffy ( Only Onew had that name for Stephanie) . Look, can you meet me in the myung-soo park now?" Onew said, eager. It was a tough time for him. No more rejections please.

" I'll...I'll be there. Wait for me onew." Then she hung up.

Onew wanted to shout, OMG OF COURSE IL WAIT FOR YOU. I'LL WAIT BY YOUR SIDE FOREVER. But He managed to gulp it down back into his throat.

[30 min later]

" Lets sit on the park bench tiffy." Onew gestured as he sat down.

Stephanie smiled and sat down. 

" Tiffy ah~ You sure you're okay?" Onew said.

Stephanie looked onto Onew's eyes for ahwile and try herself into Onew's arms, sobbing.

Onew hugged her. His heart was burned with pain to see Stephanie like this. Never have he seen her so defeated, so upset.

" O-onew ah!" Stephanie said in between sobs.

" They... they bullied me and...and hate me. What did i do wrong?" Stephanie said, her arms clung around Onew's neck.

Her tears reflected the whitemoonlight. It was pure and gorgeous. However her grief filled him, and he felt the pain 10 times more.

He felt his fingers starting to run through her hair.

" Tiffy, whatever happens, I'll always be by your side, protecting you no matter what happens.". 

Stephanie looked at him with teary eyes, in between sobs, she tried to smile.

Onew sung her a soft melody as he comforted her.

After some quiet time between the two, guess what happened?

They started holding hands (:

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