5 stars you meet in high school
[Onew's POV]

" Hey Saki girl! " I called out. How long has it been since Taemin and Saki got together. I guess its been a day. Okay, it seemed like forever actually. Maybe they were acting like a couple from before.

Saki was sorting out her locker items, then her 4 friends came over.

< Yeon, Hyo, Jessica and....Stephanie. They've pretty much a name now. Thank god they were all very nice girls. Especially Stephanie, whom I was crushing on Big time.

I was beside Saki at my locker. We were locker mates. hehe .

There was the four girls, walking towards Saki arm in arm with Stephanie in the middle. I must admit, it was rather breathtaking! Stephanie saw me and smiled a glamorous smile, like seriously. She threw her head back slightly and laughed a little. If anyone knew the essence of flirting. She did. Queen of flirting. And oh my, I've really fallen prey!

" Hey little miss pretty, the girls and I are going for smoothies later, wanna join us? " Stephanie chuckled. Saki checked her diary.

" Hmmmm...." Saki studied her diary for a moment.

Oh god why didn't she asked me? I'd love to join in and Taeminnie can come along.

" Hey Onew, You wanna come along too?"

Holy , yes!

They say I have a sweet smile, and Im giving her the sweet smile. Oh god Im the school most sought after senior, to a girl Im totally bzaaaak. BRAIN DEAD.

" Yeah sure, I'd love to. Shall I call for the gang?"

" You mean SHINee? Oh yes please! OMG I can finally meet Kim Jonghyun! Oh my god! " Yeon said, swooning.

I laughed. These buncha girls were really cute.

" So we'll see you guys at 3pm, the smoothie cafe? " Stephanie reconfirmed. She walked closer to me, smirking.

" Don't be late and keep the girls waiting." She laughed and walked off with the three girls. I gulped. Stephanie. oh. so. pretty.

" hehe, Don't mind Stephanie. You see her exterior is filled with confidence and all, but she's totally into you." Saki said, reassuring me.

My eyes widened. " NO WAY!"

Saki just smiled, bid me goodbye, and walked off.

< I stood there, thinking. Really?


This is all for this chapter wanna see how Onew/stephanie get together and all, wait for it ^^


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