Its the first day of school

5 stars you meet in high school

[Saki POV]

They say everyone is so beautiful here. They say everyone is rich and influential here. They say everyone is perfect here.

I was FAR from perfect.

Just look at me. My eyes are lively and big, yet they lack the brownish charm.

My hair is long, straight and clean, but they lack the style and life.

My nose is sharp and sweet, but its far from the all natural goddess like noses the girls have.

I look at the mirror again. Is my outfit too shabby? Is my makeup too heavy? Do I look too nerdy?

Just too many insecurities. Far too many.

I've heard about this school. Its an all perfect school. Im not totally ugly but Im not perfect either.

And they were perfect.

The building of the school stands tall infront of me. Its a simple and chic building. It is not like the drab, old -school like of building you would expect.

It was beautiful. Students walked into the school. They had beautiful eyes , hair, noses, cheeks, figures.

I strolled slowly into the school. This looks like its going to be a marelous school year.

That is, if I was going to survive in such a perfect place. I feel so out of place now.

" Hey, are you a freshman too? " A girl with sparkling black eyes and ruby red lips asked.

She was a very pretty girl ( Looks something like Tiffany in The boys/ Mr Taxi repackage), and she bothered to speak to me . Score one for me !

" Hehe. Yep ! Im in Class 1S. You? " I asked, smiling. I was to make a good impression on the girls here or I'll have a miserable four years.

The pretty girl squeaked in delight.

" Hello ^^ Im Stephanie and i'm in class 1S too !" She chorused.

"Well, hello, I'm Saki. " I gave her a mini wave. I just had to be friends with this nice, pretty girl.

Stephanie gave me a smile and linked arms with me.

We chatted and spoke as we walked down the hallway, into our class.

Suddenly the air fell silent , everyone turned to look at the aisle. 

The 5 ridiculously handsome boys strode down . 

( )

A tall boy with fair skin and brown hair caught my eye. He was the leanest among the five and he looked the youngest. I felt my face rush hot for a second. The 5 of them walked down the hallway as if they did'nt take notice in their surroundings. Girls stopped doing everything to oogle. Hm, perhaps the five of them sees this everyday, its in the norm for them.

That boy that I caught my eye on turned, and smiled.

His smile was so sweet. He was beautiful.

He gave me a wink. At least, it was towards me. I flushed bright red.

" Thats the hottest and most popular school boyband and boy clique of the school, known as SHINee. The boy who winked at you- *laughs* is called Lee Taemin, the youngest of the members and the dancer of all. Well, I've got my sights on Onew . That boy with the sweet smile! hehe!"

Stephanie explained to me.

"Lee Taemin..." I chorused.... 

Lee Taemin....

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