Shin Hyesung knows he has a soulmate out there, somewhere. He's sure of it, but how will he ever find her...or him for all he knew.
He didn't care either way, as long as he would find his soulmate and would finally be able to hold that person in his arms.


Do you ever feel completely lost, while your in your own home?

Do you know the feeling of missing something, but you don't know what?

Do you ever feel like you lost something important, but you don't know where?

Do you ever need something desperately, but you can't quite put your finger on it what that something exactly is?

Do you ever miss a particular someone very badly, but you don't know who that person is?

That's a little bit of what it is like to have a soulmate, but you haven't found them yet.
Every year that go's by makes you feel more desperate and more afraid that you will never ever find them.
Once in awhile your heart suddenly starts to ache horribly and you feel like falling to your knees and crying your eyes out because you miss someone that you don't even know exists.
You can only keep hoping and trying to never give up.
Every time the future seems too bleak and you feel like you will never ever find that person because the world is a huge place, every time that happens you have to find a way to pick yourself up again and just keep going. You keep telling yourself that one day you will find your matter if you're 40, 60 or maybe even 80 years old....someday you will find them.
Because giving up is no option! Maybe you gave up once...but soon enough you'll find out that then there is little left to live for. And what if you would stop living...what if there is indeed someone else out there, searching for you just as desperately...and then you would end your life and your soulmate will be left all alone is this world, spending his/her life searching and hoping to find you in vain! Giving up is no option, you can't do that to your soulmate.

So you keep on hoping and dreaming of the day that you will find your soulmate, and the years fly by while you live your life as good as you can...

So that's a heavy start of a story, isn't it? :)
Just trying to give an idea of what the caracters in the story are going through so you might understand better.

Anyway, hope you'll enjoy this one shot with Shin Hyesung.
I love to hear your comments! I love you all for reading my runaway thoughts i try to scribble down as well as i can.




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korasoul #1
Wow...I realy like it. Nice and sweet story..
2019 streak #2
Chapter 1: Hey there ^^ I just finished reading this oneshot and noticed that you haven't received any comment yet. So I thought I would leave you one ^^
btw I'm not a SJC and I'm not Hyesung's fan either. But don't ask me what I'm doing here then. hehe XD I'm a Cassiopeia who respects Shinhwa a lot and I kinda like them too. Just not a fan. But somehow happened to read this oneshot and then decided to leave a comment. haha I'm sorry, I have gone crazy I suppose. Anyway, fighting!!!