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FrozenInside's request (copy/pasted obvs): KRISBAEK. Kris and his wife have an adopted son, Sehun, who is 18 and bring for the first time home his boyfriend, Baekhyun, who is also 18. When he first look at Baekhyun, Kris is shocked to see how similar he looks and sounds to the he met some weeks ago and with who he had a pregnancy scare (the broke). Kris also can't help but admire how cute Baekhyun is. 
After they're done eating dinner Sehun tells them that Baekhyun is pregnant and the baby is his. (Or so he thinks.)

Warning: kris is a massive (what else is new with me) and author is dumb af and did her own thing halfway lolz. (frozeninside, i hope you find it in your warm heart to forgive my sorry for this mess orz). also i've been GONE FOR SO LONG. I HOPE IM NOT too RUSTY YOU GUYS. ignore the mistakes and we're all good to go!


“Don’t ruin this for him.” She narrows her eyes down at him. “Sehun really likes this boy. Be nice.” She mutters as she straightens her loose fitted dress– Kris remembers Sehun repeatedly telling her to wear something decent because the last time he invited one of his friends over she was dressed in a tight-fitted dress and all the teenage boys could focus on during dinner was how large Mrs. Wu’s s are.

He grunts and barely raises to look at her because he has been hearing the same thing for about a week now since Sehun had dramatically announced that he was bringing someone home.

At first the thought of Sehun, who just turned eighteen, having a boyfriend had irked him because Sehun is difficult and friendless (not because he’s a bad person, no. But because he has a habit of carefully choosing and controlling who is in his life) and he has been hard to get along with since he hit puberty.

Kris thinks it’s silly of him to think the boy he has raised since the age of three – after many years of visitation, the many hours of being in and out of the courtroom and eyes hurting from both reading through lots of paperwork and fingers hurting from the amount of signing on said papers– is hard to understand.

His wife understands Sehun better than he does and Kris thinks it’s because she is the good one and he decided to play the villain– the parent who spoils all the fun.

“I mean it, Kris.” She mutters as she starts to temper with the silverware and China plates displayed on the dining table, always the perfectionist and wanting things to go according to her agenda. Sehun definitely takes after her.

If tonight goes any other way than she wants it to– none of them will rest easy for a while.

“I hear you, I hear you.” He says drily and shifts on his seat. Sehun isn’t at all going to marry the boy he’s bringing over, but he understands why she’s fussing over this.

He sits at the head of the table and watches his wife decorate the table some more and move hastily between the kitchen and the dining room in calculated steps. She’s not at all paying attention to him now and is driven on the task of making everything look presentable.

“I feel like this is all too sudden.” Kris finally says, having enough of watching her work in silence.

She looks up at him and there’s a frown over her beautiful face. “Sehun told me they’ve been seeing each other for half a year,” She shrugs, “I want his boyfriend to be impressed.”

“And we’re finding out about this now.” He says and she rolls her eyes.

“He’s secretive and has always been that way,” She pauses, shifting from one foot to the other.

“Or we’re terrible parents and should have read in between the lines.” She glares at him and slams the glass she’s holding on the table with such force he’s surprised it hasn’t cracked.

“I’m a great mother.” And she is. “That’s not funny.” He raises his hands in defence and laughs, waving her over and she rolls her eyes again.

“Come here,” He gestures and she keeps making a face at him, “Come on here.” He’s almost ordering her at this point and he can tell by the stare she graces him with– she’s not impressed. She turns around and stalks back into the kitchen with a huff.

A few years ago, he’d go after her and apologise for being an and trying to get on her last nerve. But the dynamic of their relationship has changed, he doesn’t know if she has noticed it yet and is only turning a blind eye to it or if she’s completely oblivious that he doesn’t feel the same way anymore.

He looked at her like she was the sun and during those moments it felt like he couldn’t breathe without seeing or hearing her lovely voice. Something changed and he doesn’t remember when or why or how it happened, but his feelings for her now are more stagnant than anything else.

There’s no love, there’s no hate either. There’s just tolerance and that’s the reason he hasn’t thought to bring it up. It’s not as though she has noticed. He doesn’t think he has been acting different– he kind of has been acting a little different than usual.

He stays out later than usual and barely tries to make time to be with and around her. Divorce isn’t on his mind and has never at all been an option because he tolerates her and manages to cooperate and have with her without being at all repulsed by it.

Today is different and he made an effort to be around only because it’s about Sehun and not about him or her. Their relationship revolves around Sehun, Sehun and more Sehun. And Kris isn’t bother by it because Sehun is all they’ve ever wanted and they’ve fought hard for him.

Sehun is also why he doesn’t even suggest divorce or tell his wife that he doesn’t love her. He tries to be the best example of what it’s like to be a family man– and he fails royally at it because he can’t understand his own son and he has been between several spread legs that don’t belong to his wife.

And he’s scum for doing so. Scum. Scum. Scum. But it felt great just to let himself enjoy someone else’s company. It’s wrong, but he has given his wife everything she’s ever wanted– the first puppy she cried over, the dream house she often spoke of, the son she’s always dreamed of and the husband she’s always wanted him to be.

“Don’t you think it’s weird?” He says suddenly, loud enough for her to hear him past the banging pots and cupboards. There’s a pause before the noise continues and Kris begins toying with the fork she had placed not too long ago. “Don’t you think it’s weird that Sehun is– he almost never introduces us to his friends– suddenly wants to bring his boyfriend over? For dinner?” He continues and looks at the door she walked through, “I think it’s strange. Something must have happened.”

“I need you to stop talking.” He can hear the annoyance in her voice and he smiles– she’s so easy to provoke and it’s one of the reasons he’s never tired of her. He’s not tired of her, he just doesn’t love her like a husband should love his spouse.

“Oh, come on,” He places the fork down, “I can’t be the only one thinking something is off!” He says less playful now because this feels wrong. Sehun is always private with people outside their home and Kris never pries because his grades are always above average and none of the teachers have complained about bad behaviour– Sehun is the perfect kid and has a bright future ahead of him. But this has him thinking. “I think he’s pregnant or his boyfriend,” He spits out bitterly, “Is pregnant–,”

The crash and loud curse that comes from the kitchen cuts him off and he’s immediately on his feet to see what she dropped and if she’s alright. He makes it to the kitchen and there’s a mess on the floor – broken dishes and mashed food on the ground.

She glares at him, says nothing and turns around to pull the trashcan from the cupboard under the sink. “Get the mop.” She orders tonelessly and starts to pick up the large broken pieces.

“Careful–” The doorbell rings and he freezes, staring down at his wife who looks up at him and gets to her feet, brushing herself and taking off her apron before fixing up her hair.

“We don’t need them. We have plenty of food to feed a goddamn basketball team,” She’s saying it mostly to herself. She straightens her posture and looks at him up and down. “Get the damn mop, Kris! Don’t just stand there.” She grumbles, “I’ll get the door,” She stops in front of him, fixing his collar and tie and he bends down his head to allow her to pass her fingers through his hair. She steps back when she’s done whatever it is she’s trying to accomplish and nods to herself before she leaves the kitchen.

On his way to getting the mop and getting back into the kitchen to clean up the mess that is clearly his fault– he hears his wife’s delighted voice and he can’t for the life of him tell if she’s being pretentious or not. He hears Sehun’s unenthusiastic voice and for a second he thinks there’s no third person until he finally speaks and it’s distinctively familiar, but Kris rolls his eyes at himself because of course it’s familiar– he works as a music producer and hears all kinds of voices.

“Where’s dad?”

Kris tunes out the rest of the conversation as he drags out the cleaning process of the mess on the floor. He rolls his eyes a little while after at his wife’s loud laugh at something someone has said and he has a feeling she likes this boy Sehun has introduced her to or maybe she’s trying to play nice with the first boyfriend they’ve had the luxury to say hello to.

He finishes with the mess in the kitchen and washes his hands and walks into the dining room as he dries his hands on the paper towel. Sehun’s back and the guest’s is what he first sees and across from them he says his wife looking up from the guest’s face to his and narrowing her eyes slightly, as if warning him to behave.

Sehun turns first and nudges the boy next to him to stand up and Kris normally isn’t one to be caught off guard– there are a few occasions where he has been caught off guard that he can name on the top of his head and this has been added to one of those few times.

It takes a while for the face to register with the memory he has been trying to forget and when it does – it takes him all his willpower not to react. He barely remembers Sehun introducing the boy next to him and when he takes the boy’s hand in his– Kris feels it trembling and the palms are sweaty.

When he meets the boy’s eyes– he sees the fear and embarrassment in them and he’s being too obvious that Kris has to think real fast before this night turns into a legit nightmare.

“We meet again!” He’s way too enthusiastic. He doesn’t remember this kid’s name and the only reason he continuous slept and entertained him with attention was because he wanted to try something different. He went for someone younger, but he didn’t think he was this young.

Kris has never been religious, but in the moment he prays the whichever god is willing to listen to him that this kid is at least eighteen or older.

“You know Baekhyun?” Sehun raises his eyebrow, but his attention is mostly to the boy’s face.

“Yes,” Kris nods, avoiding how Baekhyun is staring at him. “I’m recruiting new kids for the upcoming boyband– he’s on the list of potential…trainees.” He’s not lying about the boyband, but he’s lying to their face about meeting Baekhyun for the first time.

He met Baekhyun at one of the VIP parties his company likes to host when one of their performers breaks chart records or sells a number of albums than originally planned or both. Baekhyun had been hanging off the arm of one of their artists before being ditched and Kris was having a rough night and wanted to burn off some steam.

Remembering how they ended up in bed together is something that doesn’t come easy. They’ve met more than once and Kris finally called quits to it after the horrible pregnancy scare and he hasn’t heard from Baekhyun since– granted his blocked the kid’s number and even if the kid knows his name– his address isn’t on google for anyone just to google and find his location where he’s supposed to be safe.

“You never told me you met my dad?” Sehun’s frowning at Baekhyun, looking all sorts of unimpressed and Baekhyun on the other hand keeps on staring at him so hard that Kris almost wishes for there to be a hole in the ground that he can jump into.

“Sit, sit,” Kris finally says and releasing holding Baekhyun’s hand in his– he has been holding it for a long time now and it’s past the territory of being awkward. “You two can argue about who never told who what later, yes?” He says as he heads over to his sit with a sigh. He’s trying to brush away how much he’s shaking in his shoes and how much he’s afraid that Baekhyun will say anything to will expose him.

Dinner goes by relatively silent, his wife occasionally asks Baekhyun questions and interacts with Sehun and for Kris it’s pretty obvious from the way they are both sitting that something is up. Something isn’t right and he knows it won’t be long before dinner is turned into a goddamn mess.

He just hopes it’s got nothing to do with him. He has been noticing the stares Baekhyun keeps shooting over at him – maybe the kid thinks he’s being discreet and Kris has the desire to jump over the table and scream in his face for him to stop doing it before his wife or Sehun notice.

This is why Kris has avoided teenagers. They are a ing mess and get easily attached and it’s obvious from Baekhyun’s behaviour now and before. But he kept at it until the pregnancy scare because he didn’t think he’d ever see Baekhyun again.

This is fate– what do they even call it?– laughing him in the face and having a grand old time toying with him.

“Alright,” Kris looks over it his wife and she’s looking hard at him, he ignores her, “Spit it out. What is it?” He says as he turns his attention back to Sehun and Baekhyun. He doesn’t miss how they both look like two deer caught in headlights or how they look at each other. He doesn’t fail to see Baekhyun shaking his head and obviously disagreeing with whatever it is they’re about to say.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Sehun whispers firmly, “They need to know–”

“Know what?” His wife cuts in and she’s gripping her chopsticks tightly. Her eyes are wide and it’s as though she bracing herself for whatever impact that they are all aware is coming. “What do we need to know?” She’s freaking out already and that’s the last thing Kris needs. “Sehun, what is happening?”

“Let them talk.” Kris grunts out, pretending he isn’t on the edge. “We won’t be angry–”

“I think Baekhyun’s pregnant.”


“He thinks Baekhyun’s pregnant!” She’s pacing around the bedroom while he sits on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. Think. Think. Think! “Kris! Our son thinks his boyfriend is pregnant. He just turned eighteen and how will they survive?”

“I can’t think with you digging holes on our floor with all your pacing. Relax.” He can’t think because he’s trying to think of what to say and how to react properly. His wife had immediately excused them from the dinner table after Sehun’s confession. The silence was enough to make the sound of a pin drop sound like the atomic bomb.

“He’s going to college in a few months.” She whispers, “What are people going to say? I’ve taught him to be careful and how to use condoms correctly! You were there with me.” She cries out, “Kris, they are going to say we adopted an innocent child and turned him into someone who is careless and impregnates people!”

“You’re being irrational, Yeeun!” He shouts and he’s sure the both boys from their place downstairs have heard him. He loosens up his tie. “Just let me think for a second, aright?” He breathes out.

“Sehun isn’t old enough– they’re both not old enough for a baby.” Yeeun finally sits down next to him and when he looks up, she’s already crying. He sighs and throws his arm over her shoulder. Despite this night being too much for him to deal with already– he needs to play his part as the caring husband when need be. “They’re kids themselves,” She cries softly, “Who tells these kids to be having unprotected ? It’s dangerous and…” The rest of what she says is muffled by her sobs on his neck. She’s trying to talk while sobbing and it’s not working out.

“We’ll think of something,” He kisses the side of her head. “Take a few minutes to calm down and we’ll head down to talk to them. Like rational adults who they built up the courage to trust,” And he needs Baekhyun alone to confirm something both he goes absolutely crazy.

“Go first,” She pulls away from him and places her hand on her lap. “Sehun doesn’t like to see me cry.” She looks to the side and Kris spends a few moments just gawking at her because he isn’t planning to down there alone– there’s just no way he’ll do it calmly.


When Kris comes downstairs and goes directly to the dining room without Yeeun– she’s freshening up in the bathroom and doing who knows what to calm herself down – Sehun stands up from where he’s sitting beside Baekhyun and rushes past him. “I’m going to talk to mom!” He exclaims and Kris doesn’t get a chance to protest as he runs upstairs and the second of a banging door is heard.

“You have a lovely home.” Baekhyun breaks the silence and Kris doesn’t even think when he quickly walks over to him. He roughly grabs Baekhyun’s forearm and yanks him off the chair, breathing hard and not at all caring how frightening the teenager looks.

“How old are you?” He demands harshly and when Baekhyun doesn’t answer first enough for him, he tightens his grips around him. “Answer me!” He bites out and ignores the wince.

“I’m eighteen!” Baekhyun yelps and tries to loosen his hand by trying to peels off the fingers around his slim wrist. Kris holds on and it’s obvious Baekhyun is trying to avoid his gaze.

“Did you know who I was?”

“Nobody cares about music producers–” He releases his forearm and grabs his chin, digging his fingers into his cheeks and not at all afraid of the obvious marks he knows his hands will leave behind. He’s normally very good at controlling his rage, but it’s different now and he needs Baekhyun to play along with his demands.

“Is it mine?” He’s almost psychotic.

Baekhyun averts his eyes and that’s all he needs to get the answer. He carelessly shoves him away from him and straightens his posture. “You know what’s good for you.” He whispers, catching his gaze and Baekhyun’s obviously trying to challenge him – that was impressive enough to get Kris to him, but not today and not after this. “Get rid of it.”

“You can’t tell me what to do,” Baekhyun snaps as he rubs his arm to soothe the discomfort and it’s high pitched, almost like he wants Sehun and Yeeun to hear them. “I’ll tell them. I swear I will!”

“And I’ll tell them you’re a fanatic trying to get five minutes of fame.” He laughs drily, “They won’t believe you because the same story for someone accusing me for something has happened before. Only this time it’ll be true. But they still won’t believe you.” He pauses as he watches Baekhyun struggle internally, “Get rid of it. You won’t be the first one.” He looks at Baekhyun’s wide eyes and open mouth and then he’s walking away and back up the stairs with his back straightened despite his heart threatening to burst out of his chest.

Sehun is holding Yeeun’s hand as she cries and he’s softly mumbling something to her when Kris walks in. Kris stands beside the bedroom door and leans against the wall, he folds his arms over his chest and rests his head against the wall.

This façade he has one fools everyone he has around him. And sometimes he’s foolish enough to believe that he’s a decent human being.

Sehun finishes whatever he’s telling Yeeun and bolts out of the room.

“I think he’s determined to take care of this baby, Kris.” Yeeun sobs out, her shoulders hunched and quivering as she wails into her hands and Kris doesn’t have the power to go and comfort her because he’s too busy worrying over what Baekhyun will say to Sehun.

He doesn’t have any excuses and he doesn’t even know for a fact that they will believe him because he was just talking out of his earlier because fear has a habit of overtaking every fibre in your being. He has already confirmed that they have met before so the excuse of I’ve never met this boy in my life is out of the question. He breathes out slowly.

“There’s still time to think this over.” He mutters, “He’s being irrational and you know he gets that habit from you,” He pushes himself off the hard wall and stalks over to her, just wanting to lay in bed and face whatever comes tomorrow with a clear head.

“I’m taking Baekhyun home!” Sehun shouts from downstairs and the door is slammed shut right after. There’s no point in saying bye to Baekhyun and Kris is happy about it because he’s not ready to face him.


“Did you say anything to Baekhyun last night?” Sehun’s question comes from nowhere the next morning. Kris is standing by the stove as he drinks his coffee and talks in a hushed voice with Yeeun who is boiling some eggs for their breakfast.

Kris looks at Yeeun before turning to Sehun and shrugging his shoulders. “Like?” He questions and Sehun mimics his shrug.

“He was all weird when I took him home,” He says as he starts looking through the fridge for whatever it is he wants to eat. “Does this mean he won’t be one of your trainees?” Sehun closes the fridge’s door after pulling out a strawberry flavoured yoghurt and shuffles through the shelves for a tea spoon. He leans over the kitchen counter and looks at them – it’s like a normal day and the only difference is the elephant in the room that none of the adults have mentioned for entirely different reasons.

“We don’t take on pregnant trainees.” Kris says coolly and Yeeun gasps quietly beside him like this is news to her.

“Sehun, you’ll be late for school!” Yeeun ushers him out of the kitchen before any more can be said. She walks back into the kitchen with her arms over her chest and frown painted perfectly on her face.

“Smile,” Kris puts the mug into the sink, “Could be worse.” He goes over to her and pecks her lips before giving her a squeeze until she pushes him off.

“I’m happy you’re having a fun time, Kris.” She rolls her eyes, “Mind the eggs.” She orders and leaves to get ready for work. He waves her off and takes the eggs off the stove because they are obviously for him and he hasn’t had much of an appetite for obvious reasons.

“,” He sighs.


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