Wonderful Rain


On a rainy day, Hope broke up with Minseok and never looked back. The reason is still a mystery. The reason is a secret she never told anyone. But after 4 years, Hope is back in Seoul to marry the man she thought she would never see again. 
His dad wanted a good woman for his son. Someone who loved him before his fame, someone who loved the real Minseok.



T H E   S W E E T   S P I R I T   &   T H E   L O V I N G   M A N

HOPE DANIELS          -          KIM MINSEOK 

    She believes in who she is, and she believes in the people she love most.

He's charming and thinks of s first.

Two lost souls are gonna be together again;

Because of a last wish or because of the love they still feel?


T H E   I D O L S


They are fun, loving, and kind.


T H E   L E E   S I B L I N G S


He's pure fire behind his cold appearance.


She's ice behind her sweet personality.


T H E   B E S T   F R I E N D S


The four of them have been friends since forever...


and with loving hearts,


they just want to see their best friend happy.


Hi ^^!

This is my second Xiumin story. And it's a new adventure because is a story with... I don't know how many chapters :P 
but i hope to have your support. 

Here is my first Xiumin story if you wanna check it out: The beauty and the wolf 

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Hotcakes1800 #1
Chapter 7: Ugh, Sunhi is getting on my last nerve. I don't understand why Hope is trusting her anyway. I have high doubts that their relationship was ever significant. Sunhi probably knows that Minseok is hung on Hope, so she's using a bunch of dirty tactics to make whatever Minseok feels for her seem minimal.
Chapter 7: Update soon
CheriLane #3
Chapter 6: Authornim! Thanks for the update! Your story puts a smile on my face. Thank you so much for writing a Minseok fanfic.

Waiting to see how this love square pans out and what really happened between Sunhi and Minseok.

Fighting, authornim! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Chapter 5: This story is really good for now...I love how you construct your plot...not too fast and not too slow...I really want to know what kind of relationship Minseok has with Sunhi....so complicated..
Good luck in your writing dear :-)
CheriLane #5
Chapter 4: This story is really good so far.
I am looking forward to the next chapter!
star046 #6
Chapter 4: Your story plot is nice ... I like it ... Please update soon :):)